Lessons From Frieda - My Car

Only one week to go till I head OS and I'm feeling pretty excited! However, go back one week and it was a very different story. Even the most well prepared and experienced in big change can have moments of doubt. After my debacle with the house at #10, the twists and turns continued to play out and I began to feel the physical effects of feeling anxious and stressed about moving overseas. I was feeling sooo tired, had low vitality and the smallest of tasks felt like Ben Hur. I kept thinking, just keep going until you get to Bali - then you can take it easy. My head being in control at this point thought that was a sound plan, however in reality it was a very bad plan. When arriving in a fore

Travel Blooper... Mystery At #10

When planning anything, be that an overseas trip, project, event... anything - always be prepared for things to go wrong. In times when action needs to be taken quickly it's easy for us as human beings to occasionally forget to cross the 't's' and dot the 'i''s, and in my case... forget my address (cringe factor 1,000!). I recently moved into some temporary share accommodation to help me transit to my new adventure overseas. I thought that I knew the address but it seems this was not the case. I overheard my flatmate on the phone this morning telling someone the address was 'number 28...'. What? I have been telling everyone it's number 10. Including the Department of Immigration who I have

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