The Best Medicine For Your Online Business

I'd seen the pictures and heard the buzz, but had no idea how huge the impact of spending time in Bali focusing on my online business would be. Imagine someone telling you about a great mountain climb and how the view from the top is totally life changing. You are pumped and really want to do it. You start looking around for your hiking boots but can't find them anywhere. While you are looking for them you start sharing your dream of climbing the mountain with others, but they begin to tell you about their horror stories like all the snakes there are and what you 'might' find along the way. Slowly your enthusiasm becomes squashed and in the end it's just another dream that you tuck safely aw

What the Colour of Eyes Say About Entrepreneurs

When I ask entrepreneurs to tell me the favourite feature of their face, 8 times out of 10 they tell me their eyes, and I have a theory about this. Your eyes represent the energy of your heart and the strength of who you are. It's no surprise to me that so many entrepreneurs love their eyes because they are following their big hearts. They are bringing positive change and enjoyment to the world in their own unique way. This is the reason why they love what they do. That's not to say that if you like a different feature of your face, like your lips, nose or eyebrows that you have no heart! By no means at all, it just means there is another juicy aspect of yourself that you really love to expr

Festival of Online Entrepreneurs

If you’re an actor you’d hang out in Hollywood. If you loved the stock market I’m guessing you’re dreaming of Wall Street. As for those who have a passion is fashion, then a life in Paris would probably make your heart melt. The commonality with all these places is that they attract like minded people with similar passion and mindset. Organically they learn together, grow together and work together. Collaboration at its best in any industry means anything is possible! So where do you go if you’re an online entrepreneur? The current revolution of big hearted change makers, who are kicking in their corner office to actually stand up for positive change and a life of passion, freedom and flexib

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