The Entrepreneurs Battle: Intellect V’s Creativity

Intellect & Creativity. Logic & Emotion. Control & Flexibility. Giving & Receiving. Life can feel like it's a continual balancing of the scales. However, when we get the balance right the outcomes are phenomenal, especially for Entrepreneurs. When we get the balance right everything starts to flow and feels light and effortless... and that's what we are all striving for right? To help the world, in our own way, so that we can live the lifestyle that we choose. It all sounds very well and good - but putting it into practice can be a hurdle! For me, I've definitely had a dominant masculine energy to manage, and my ways of operating have usually fallen into the categories of intellect, logic, c

How To Feel Abundant When You Are Broke As Shit!

Guest Post by Maria Hinton. Broke feels yucky. Broke is broken, shattered, in pieces. So when you are low on money, how do you feel? You are not broken, but it feels like it. You can’t go out with your friends. Those cute shoes, too bad. You are packing your lunch, eating ramen noodles and waxing your own eyebrows. How is a girl supposed to feel better? Not having money in the bank shouldn't define you. Let’s see if we can drum up a good thought or two. First off, why are you broke? Everyone should have an emergency fund in the bank, at least 6 months’ worth. Your car could break down, an unexpected illness, the cat got sick kind of emergency fund. The emergency is not the little black dress

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