Bamboozled By Defining Your Niche?

Being able to define who your ideal customer is, and understand who you are servicing actually makes your business structure and everything else you do in your business so much easier. It is an area that I know so many people struggle with which is why I've made this short video below to answer a commonly asked question: How Do you choose your niche & stick to it? The hardest part of laying solid foundations for your business is working out your niche. It's a shame the hardest part is one of the first steps, which is why people struggle in the start-up phase so much... but if you can persevere, focus and know that getting this bit right really will set you up for success - you'll be on the r

Have You Got The Facebook Blues?

As one who helps Entrepreneurs to create an awesome online presence - I hear it quite regularly... "I don't like Facebook", "It's not working for me" or my favourite "people know who I am but I'm not attracting clients"... for you - I've got a free gift below that can help you with this. My role as an online business coach is to see the gaps with what you are creating so you can make changes to attract new clients to your business. You can attract clients in all sorts of ways but more often than not, when I take a look - the gaps are in the Business Base Chakra: Your Business Foundations. So no matter what method or social media platform you choose to get the word out about what you do,

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