A Bit of Eat Pray Love for your Business

I haven't been through a tough time, rather I've just been through a very enlightening time that has changed my perception of my world and business. I believe in synchronicity and that everything happens for a reason... and I do believe that I've ended up in Bali for a reason. There is no separation between you & your business... ...spirituality is part of the deal. I am quite a practical person. I love structure, I love having a plan and when there is a system in place that's working well, I get all giddy (can't believe I just said that - but it's true). And all of these aspects of myself became precedent in the lead up to Christmas and into the new year. My business had taken off, and

Crappiness: How to avoid interviewing the wrong people

Yesterday I took part in a target market focus group at Hubud Coworking space, to provide feedback on pricing for an awesome start-up idea. It was really interesting to be on the other side of the process, live and in a group situation. I'm an absolute advocate for interviewing target markets, and my experience was a perfect example and validation of how important it is to choose the right people to collect your information from. The vision was BIG… and can I tell you – if they get this idea off the ground I do believe they will be onto a winner. Picture this though, there were 7 hungry and determined entrepreneurs in the room all SUPER excited by the idea that was being presented… however b

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