How The Soul Lounge for Entrepreneurs Will Expose You & Your Biz

It was March 2016 and I lay in my bed in Ubud Bali, looking up at the ceiling. What the f*ck was I going to do? The universe had rewarded me well for not listening to the signs. My body ached and was heavy, I felt like I had purged enough for humanity as a whole. My family was worried, asking me to please come home to Australia... ...but I knew deep inside that this was exactly where I needed to be. This wasn't a bug or a virus... this was 100% dis-ease and changing location wasn't going to fix it. Happiness these days was a figment of my imagination that I was trying so desperately to cling to. Why on earth would I not be happy? I had left the 9-5 rat race, I'd created my own business... I

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