Facebook: It sucked me in & spat me out mind-numbed

I actually can't remember the last time I owned a television for the purposes of free to air tv... I think 2012 was when I said adios to the box and being bombarded with ideas and concepts that only made me angry, and not to mention loath the consistent run of adverts. Then a couple of years later I took it one step further and left the country! Perhaps not particularly for the pure intention of escaping western tv exactly - but it was a nice added bonus to leave that white noise behind. Instead, spending the majority of my time in a creative bubble by rice paddy fields, focusing on learning, my clients, my creativity, and my business without annoying distractions. There have been big world

Bali Tips for Entrepreneurs - CoWorking, Retreats & Ubud v's Canggu

Did you know that when I was about 6 years old, living in Canberra Australia, I toddled off to school one day where we were given the creative task of designing our very own placemats to take home (very exciting!). On one side I drew my family... and on the other I drew this little island, with a coconut tree and an 'islander man' in a grass skirt. I wish I still had it - but it looked something like this: So even as a wee girl who had never even experienced a tropical island, and who was growing up in the inland depths of a man made political city (could you get any different!), the intention was set. So far I have visited Fiji, Tenerife, Rarotonga, Atiu, Aitutaki, Lombok and Bali. The most

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