Eeik Moment: Was I Bastardising Spirituality Via My Business?

I'll never forget a date I went on a few months back now. I had decided that it was time to ignite some lurve back into my life after a long time of dedicating my time and energy solely (soul-ly hehe..) to my business. One morning I got a match on my dating app. We had a quick text chat, he seemed nice enough, tall (important), and easy as pie we set a lunch date. Lovely! In my mind I thought... hmm, this is a great start. He turns up - I actually can't remember his name... So, for the purposes of this story let's call him Matthew. Matthew sat down in the peacock cane chair across from me, and straight away we dove into the quite normal traveller conversation of where are you from, where hav

The Rebel Inside: Entrepreneurs Are The Rockstars Of Positive Change

Inside every Entrepreneur resides a rebel. Yep, even in you. Being a rebel doesn't mean that you have to wear a leather jacket, ride a motor bike & 'cause trouble'... so to speak. However, it does mean that you are more than likely to question authority & 'the rules'. Ironically as I write this, I'm enjoying the tunes of one of the most infamous rock star icons of our time who oozes rebellion: Jim Morrison. I Believe Entrepreneurs Are The New Rebels Of Our Time Who Will Define Our Future Rockstars of the 60's & 70's lead the way to freedom of expression and creativity. Using their words, their music and their presence to the masses to share their message - creating movements. One way of lo

Sex Sells: How To Do It With Your Clothes On

Is it getting hot in here?! Did anyone else see that Peruvian man in New York and his fruit bowl... or was it a chia seed smoothy recipe??... What ever, I don't recall exactly. In fact, I didn't understand a word that he said - except I do know that he runs a restaurant down-town in New York and when I arrive, I'm going! Background Story: Franco Noriega created a simple cooking video using chia seeds with other very basic ingredients and it went super viral (now over 8.4Million views). The result: he's now been asked to be a special guest by multiple people, including the infamous Ellen Show, where guess what... he get's to plug his own restaurant. Genius? I think so. Confession: I did wat

Stop Plucking Numbers Out Of The Sky

You have a dream... I can see it in your eyes. Maybe the seed was planted when you were sitting at your corporate world desk one day staring out the window, feeling complexed to see exactly how monthly reporting was contributing to society in a positive way. Or perhaps it was while you were sitting on that crammed bus, and the person who was unlucky enough to miss out on a seat's handbag keeps banging you on the head... you sighed, and again looked out the window... "there has got to be more to life than this." Then one morning you decided to tell them all to stick it, & you did... Congratulations! You took back control of your life. You followed your heart, took a leap of faith, did your

What Life Coaches Need To Stop Saying

A sincere and honest love letter from me to you... It's not that you aren't doing a great job at helping your clients to achieve their goals. And it's not that I don't believe that you could be the next Tony Robbins or Louise Hay... touching the lives of thousands around the globe. Your work is totally needed in this world, and the way the 'Life Coaching' industry is growing is a great reflection of how society is slowly opening itself up to a new way of operating. Brilliant! It's got absolutely nothing to do with that... rather, everything to do with how you are communicating. Please, please, please! Start to learn about marketing and communication and take it as seriously as you take you

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