2017: Your Year for Increased Personal Responsibility & Business Success

2017 is the year of personal responsibility in my eyes. It's the year where feeling ashamed, like a failure or like life is continuing to provide you with nothing but hard-knocks... really... no longer has a place. Rather those feelings need to be replaced with a sense of kindness, forgiveness and a mature understanding that these situations have happened for a reason. No longer do the stories of trial and tribulation, or playing small need to be the centre or your world, because in actual fact, it's these stories that are the exact reason why you may be feeling that you never seem to make progress. The universe is a funny thing. Learning to laugh at it will be one of your strongest weapons

Business Chakras - Why They Are Important For Your Success

In a world where coaches and business mentors are promising to help you make a profit or show you the exact way to roll out a launch, sell your book, attract new clients or fill your programs. I feel this type of messaging is a little misconstrued. What I believe they can do for you is show you what they've done, and the success they have experienced when: The communication was right The timing & circumstance was completely divine They had made plenty of their own f*ups along the way And there is absolutely nothing wrong with this - because remember we are all learning and wanting to help each other. The above is basically the formula to find the sweet spot of success for your business. I

Thailand's Sweet Reminder For Entrepreneurs

You and your business need to have an awesome relationship, and just like any great relationship you gotta keep it spicy! So what better way to spice up a launch of an Australia Tour than throwing a trip to Thailand into the mix... ha! Ask any 'digital nomad' or 'location independent' life-styler, and they will tell you that travelling, organising visas and working within their guidelines, can sometimes put a spanner in the works. For what ever reason the requirement to leave a country, or visit an immigration office always seems to happen during times when you'd normally be head down, bum up. However, I have slowly learned to surrender to this process, and rather than see it as a pain in

Australia's Top Entrepreneurs Are Talking Chakras

Two very well known, successful & extremely profitable Australian Entrepreneurs sit down at a round table to talk about how business owners can avoid making mistakes... and who'd of thought they'd end up talking about Emotional Empowerment & opening your Chakras! The other night I was catching up on watching some my favourite peeps video's - one being Jack Delosa, a hugely successful Investor (he's hung out with Branson), and is the founder of The Entourage... I love his style and the way he teaches. His audience is a few steps ahead of the game of me right now, but I love thinking ahead and planting the seeds about what I need to learn to up-level my business. Jack D's guest for this part

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