Part 2: Behind The Scenes of a Workshop Tour

You know that feeling when your idea looks amazing on paper? You're super pumped because you have your plan of exactly what you need to do for it all to happen... BUT! Then out of left-field appears a problem you forgot to consider... Lesson #2 ~ Learning the art of being agile If there is one Entrepreneurial muscle to strengthen, consider your ability to be agile. What do I mean by that? Well, picture a cat or dog in your mind and focus on their legs. Did you know that most four legged animals are actually always walking on their toes? and their 'heel' is the first bony bit you see up their leg. This is why cats and dogs are such agile animals, and can quickly and easily change direction w

Part 1: Behind The Scenes of a Workshop Tour

What happens on tour… stays on tour. Well, kinda not really. I’ve never been good with keeping secrets… in fact I remember an old boss from years back laughing at me because I was so honest with coming forward when I felt I’d stuffed up. Some things never change! Lesson #1 ~ Knowing when it’s time Learning to listen to your body when it comes to making business decisions will be one of your biggest and most reliable assets you have (Business Brow Chakra). I remember when the idea entered my mind to run a live workshop tour, it was visceral and the message was super clear… I knew it was time. I had tried to do live workshops twice before, and both times they were fizzers… in fact the second

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