TEDxUbud 2017: The Disruptor For Mindless Business

Something has been stirring deep inside of me lately. There is this restlessness & frustration with the coaching and online business world. At the moment I feel like it's so noisy and that many are missing the deeper point of what they are creating. Saying that, even I recently had to take time out to reconnect to why the hell I'm here and what is it that I'm doing... this usually happens for me when business becomes all about the money. Of course, as Entrepreneurs we need to create a sustainable income for ourselves ~ in fact, that part is SUPER important. However, never take your eyes off the bigger picture. The bigger picture being your true purpose that involves how you will contribute t

Big Leap or Big Mistake? Inside the Mind of an Entrepreneur

Two questions I’m often asked are: “How did you know it was time to sell everything and pack your bags?’ & ‘Would you do it again?’ Sometimes I wonder myself... Do I really know what I’m doing or am I simply a neurotic risk taker? It’s 2014, 24 August and in 36 hours I’m about to jump on a plane to Bali. A crazy SE Asian tropical island that I have never been to, in fact it’s my first ever trip to SE Asia… and my car still hasn’t sold. That’s the money I was relying on to get me through the first couple of months (slight Eeik!). In amongst the chaos that my life seems to be in that moment, I shut my bedroom door and sit on my bed in silence. Dripped in fear and panic, I know that I have one

The Marriage Proposal - From A Commitment Phobe

I stir awake from my sleep, my mind drifting from one random thought to another. Then suddenly I gasp!... my eyes are now wide open. I remember my dream. He asked me to marry him, and I said... {the end is coming... just one a tick!] I love dreaming. In fact when I was a teenager I couldn't wait to go to bed each night as I would often have very lucid, colourful and crazy dreams. I never knew what I was going to get and they would often fuel my creativity. These days, I don't always dream so often, but I do know when I've had one that I need to take notice of ~ and this one brought up a range of questions I had around my connection with commitment. Marriage. Well, I have to say for the first

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