Considered the STRONG person to your friends & family?.. read this.

It’s funny how early on in life we try so hard to fit in and be like everyone else... to then later in life do everything possible to just be ourselves. Sound familiar? Stepping Into Your Power Isn't Always Easy A couple of months ago I went through a really difficult time personally, to the point where I was experiencing a major panic attack which I haven't had for nearly 10 years... and you know what triggered it - my old addiction, which at its core is fuelled by low self-worth {Sacral Chakra}. I started reaching out to friends but not really feeling understood. My issue felt a little swept under the rug by some, which left me feeling a bit bewildered. And another said to me: "Really? B

I'm turning 40 this year... my perspective on the 'mid-life crisis'

Are you there yet? Perhaps past it?... or is it coming soon? Hmmm... 40's and the mid-life crisis. Why is this such a pivotal time in most people's lives? Well I have a theory... without even knowing it you are becoming an 'enlightened being' just from experiencing life on this planet. Basically all the lessons you've learned along the way have brought you to this point - and now you're wanting to kick out what no longer serves you, and find a deeper more meaningful connection. Shhhh!.... don't tell everyone, and most importantly DO NOT let the cat out of the bag to your friends. They will NOT understand ;-) Yeah, right... that's not entirely true - because they are probably feeling

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