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What they say around the world about the Business Chakra Review Quiz...

Megs Giles


"I was blown away by Melanie at her workshop back in February - chakras was a pretty new concept to me. Not surprisingly, given what I learned about myself during the workshop, the Sacral Chakra is where I need to focus. Thanks Mel - fabulous tool."




In 5mins pin-point exactly what
you need to focus your energy first.

The perfect tool for shifting:

- Emotional Overwhelm

- Procrastination

- Confusion around Priority of Actions

This is where I birthed the Business Chakra System back in 2015...


I was staying in a very humble and small studio just outside of Ubud, Bali. I had been working at making my business work for about 6 months, but the going was tough.

At the time I was riddled by fear and anxiety. Every day I would show up for myself and my business, but I wasn't getting results. My business had never experienced cash-flow 'feast'... it always felt like a cash-flow famine.

After a big cry on the chair on my little patio, I sat up and cleared the tears from my eyes.

'There has to be a way.' I said out loud, announcing it to the world. 

And in that moment I went back to what I knew and what I loved, the Chakra System. I thought - well I know how to energise my Base Chakra for myself... but what would be the Base Chakra of my business?

I jumped up and ran inside! I grabbed my notebook and pen and started scribbling down all of my ideas... it all made sense. SO MUCH SENSE.

I have been using and teaching the Business Chakra System ever since. Remember the universe will never provide what you can't handle, it is simply guiding you to where you need to be.

Big love,

Melanie xo

"There is no separation between you & your business"


~ Melanie Midegs ~

Business Mentor & Creator of The Business Chakra System



What Business Chakra do you need to focus on first?

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