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1. a rock 'n roll star or celebrity

2. a person treated as a celebrity, especially in inspiring fanatical admiration

Reveal to the world your inner Rock Star...

I believe that Entrepreneurs are the new rebels of our time who will define & change our future.

My clients usually come to me when they have all sorts of ideas floating around, and are unsure of how to structure their business in terms of products and services.

They also come to me when they are really struggling with core messaging and how to create a strong online presence. When this is happening they generally also feel stuck when it comes to attracting clients.


About You

There you are, sitting at your laptop ready to go...


....you've cleaned your office, you've organised your diary, you've cleared out old emails, you have never felt more organised and ready to get out there and start changing people's lives.

Only thing is, you have no freakin' idea where to start {insert scratching head emoji here}.





Facebook Groups

Lead Generation



Video & Podcast

List Building


Course Creation



Writing A Book

Speaking Tour

Group Program

Membership Site

... it all feels urgent and your attention is being pulled all over the place, or even worse, instead of starting something you are doing nothing. 


When you communicate your message it feels heavy and confused, and you can't decide which idea to run with first. Your once ignited enthusiasm is quickly turning into overwhelm and stress as you know this is the work you are meant to be doing, but you never thought it would be this hard. 

Sarah K Jones | Healing Archetypes


I'll give you a little tip to get started... one of the first questions I'm going to ask you is:


'What do you really want to create?'

Do you want a passive income business?

Do you want to travel around the world running retreats & workshops?

Do you want to be able to work from home and earn enough money for a comfortable life?

Do you want to move away from one:one work?

Do you want to work with people one:one?

The solution to what you need to work on first will lie in the answer of what you really want to create.

My Zone Of Genius


· Business Foundations & Strategy

  (e.g ideal customer, business model, service packaging & social media)

· Personality Branding & Design
(my absolute favourite - you are your business)

· Online Marketing & Communications

(there is an art to this...)

· Energetics & Body/Mind Connection

(I've trained & practiced as a Psychosomatic Therapist)

· Creative Ideas To Create A Unique Selling Point

(Creativity is at my core & possibilities are endless...)


ˈmärkədiNG/             1. the action or business of promoting and selling products or
                                             services, including market research and advertising.

I LOVE to get my hands dirty...

These are my actual hands & they were made for creating. One of the unique services I offer is copy editing & basic design work in conjunction with business mentoring.

Why? because this helps my clients to learn how to market & move quickly towards attracting clients & more success.


Over the years I have seen this to be highly beneficial for clients who struggle with writing & designing their own marketing. Working together, I teach you how to do it yourself {giving you wings to fly}.


The 3 Step Process

Step 1



Step 2

Reverse Enginering

Step 3

Marketing Strategy

Step 1: Vision Clarity


If you aren't clear on what you want then how will we make it happen? This is more than your dot point business vision... this is becoming clear on all the areas of your life.



Step 2: Reverse Engineering

Show me the money...

What is required to make your vision real? Running a sustainable business means you need to crunch the numbers - & I'll be holding your hand along the way.


Step 3: Marketing Strategy

Now that we have realistic and grounded business goals in place, now it's time to create! Strategy & marketing support to help you to stand out, be you & attract the right clients to your work.

"Without Melanie I wouldn't be where I am today! She's supported me all the way from taking my first selfie to put on Facebook (which I was horrified of by the way..!) to really finding my own, authentic voice in presenting myself online without feeling like I have to put on a sales or 'business person' mask.

Because I believe that especially in the coaching industry the only way to have a business is by truly CONNECTING with people from your core, from who you truly are from deep within. She's amazing at bringing this authenticity out of you in a gentle, yet firm way. I don't like to be told what to do, but she has a way of telling you while leaving you feel empowered in your own process.

She works with what you've naturally got and haven't been aware of before, because she can see under the surface and bring out what's there, put it into words, pictures, and into your offerings and website so that your clients connect to you naturally. Because your natural gifts shine through all of it without having to 'sell'.

Once you've worked with her, your clients will simply KNOW that they want to work with you. They'll approach you because your core essence shines through your online presence in a way it speaks for itself. Naturally. I cannot recommend working with Melanie enough. I wouldn't have a business without her!"

Helene Weiss

NLP M Practitioner &
Life Coach for
Career Changes


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ˈinflo͝oəns                1. the capacity to have an effect on the character, development,
                                        or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself.

I believe everyone deserves to follow their dreams & desires. You know why? Because people who love who they are & love what they do, inspire others & create positive change in the world.

Melanie Midegs, Business Maverick