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"I had been thinking about learning more about the Chakra's and this course came at the perfect time. I didn't realise this until a major unexpected event happened in my work life.


The way Mel guides you through the course and the tools she provides helped me to 'use my voice' (hello Solar Plexus!) and supported me through the transition.


I love the fact that the resources are easily accessible and I can refer to them as needed. When you become aware of your Chakras it gives a whole new meaning to learning about your body, mind and spirit. Thanks Mel xx"

Kristy S, Australia

Government & Doterra Wellness Advocate

"I highly recommend the Chakra Philosophy Course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and didn't want it to end. I love how much Mel shared in this course and how easy it was to understand because it was explained so well. I love the amazing resources shared, the videos and the fact we get to keep using them long after the course has finished. Since finishing this course I feel full of creativity and ready to explore some more. Thank you Mel. Love & Gratitude."

Bec P, Australia

Photographer & Artist

"Mel creates such a comfortable and safe space to dive deep into juicy conversations with the community. I learned a lot from Mel and the wonderful people who joined the discussion. Amazingly helpful for both personal and professional growth!"


Cori Orak, USA

CoOwner at Ethnotek Bags