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Looking to make your world and/or business work better for you?

Save time & money by looking inwards first.

Chakra Philosophy

Level 1: Emotional Intelligence & Reading Your Anatomy

*Trained Yoga Teachers, Business Owners & Corporate Managers are students of this course. The Chakra System will unlock a new level of Conscious Leadership in your world.


*US Dollars


Chakra Philosophy




This introductory course has been so impactful, that it's helped students to launch businesses & navigate unexpected change within corporate careers... and this is only the first layer of knowledge!


You can learn about your Chakra System, but this course will put the learnings into a modern world context for you ~ and teach you all the right concepts first, providing an easier implementation into real life.


This is your one stop shop for video tutorials and reference material. Instead of wondering, or scrolling aimlessly through google and hours of time slipping away - you can come straight here to find the exact information you are looking for.


Now it's not often that you will find Chakra Philosophy teachings melded in with concepts around your Masculine & Feminine energy and how to read your body. This course helps you to become an expert at connecting the dots between your mind, body, emotions & life scenarios.


How many uncompleted books do you have by your bed? Or how often do you watch, but don't implement? Each module as assigned activities & reflection questions to complete... and a private study group to provide you accountability, additional support & connection with Melanie.


With over 6 years of training & experience as a Psychosomatic Therapist & Entrepreneur, as well as working with well over 500 clients face to face, Melanie has a wealth of knowledge to share with you. 

Chakra Philosophy


With currently have 100 International Students enrolled from all around the globe, & over 35 in our private online study group... now is the perfect opportunity to join the Institute in it's cornerstone stages.

Sneak Peak at Module 1

Workbook included in your course materials.

Course Modules


CASE STUDY:  How this $97 Level 1 Chakra Philosophy Course changed my life & business.

"I highly recommend doing Melanie’s Chakra Philosophy Course. It was an incredible tool to support me through a huge transformative period in my life.

Throughout this course, I gained a deeper connection to myself. As I moved through the seven chakras over a period of three months it came with significant realisations. 

I did not realise how disconnected I was, and how low my sense of security was in my community. Since learning about the foundation of our lives through the Root Chakra I actively built a more connective and supportive social system around me, and it feels so nice. 

The relationships with my family and friends have improved, I have also attracted a co-working space into my life so I don't work alone from home two days per week anymore, which feels amazing. 

As we moved up to the Sacral Chakra, I find a deep pleasure in the day to day moments, from the colours around me to the feeling of fresh air on my skin. 

It took me another month or so to get back into the Chakra Philosophy Teachings, but as I continued moving up - I honestly feel my heart has opened back up after being closed. It has opened me up to new friendships and just living life from a more loving place. 

Connecting to the Throat Chakra was huge for me, as I have found a new confidence in sharing what I know to be true for me, and how exactly I want to support people in my work. 

I have now incorporated chakra philosophy into the meditation classes that I teach as part of my new 'Survivor to Thriver' program. As I start to trust myself again, my intuition has grown and I think the most amazing thing is that I just don't have this sense of guilt for honouring how I feel in a particular moment. 

Once again, thank you Melanie."

Kaity Gould, New Zealand

Founder of


Your Study Group




Chakra Philosophy


Chakra Philosophy

Level 1: Emotional Intelligence

& Reading Your Anatomy


*US Dollars


"I had been thinking about learning more about the Chakras, & this course came at the perfect time. I didn't realise this until a major unexpected event happened in my work life.


The way Melanie guides you through the course & the tools she provides helped me to 'use my voice' (hello Solar Plexus!) and supported me through the transition.


I love the fact that the resources are easily accessible & I can refer to them as needed. When you become aware of your Chakras it gives a whole new meaning to learning about your body, mind and spirit. Thanks Mel xx"

Kristy Sumitomo



The Chakra Philosophy LEVEL 1 self-study online course is suited to men & women who are open minded, and curious to learn more about their energetic Chakra System.

Perhaps you've tried to figure things out on your own, or you've already tried numerous methodologies but you're still feeling stuck or triggered emotionally by events or those around you. Or maybe you're ready for your emotions to work for you, rather than against you.

You see the truth of the matter is, that no one outside of you can make you feel a certain way, and they don't hold the reins of what your life looks like.

Some examples of what I'm talking about here:

1) An ex, who you still have to deal with because you have kids

2) A boss who treats you unfairly & without respect

3) Family members who continuously ask for your time & energy

4) Unexpected changes like redundancy or loss of work

5) Investments in your business that didn't work out

6) Attracting difficult customers/clients

7) Loss of passion & drive towards your vision

Other symptoms that can be an indication of Chakra energy imbalance:

1) You're continuously getting sick and you don't know why

2) Sleepless nights, anxiety & overwhelm

3) Negative feelings such as sadness, loneliness, resentment or anger


These scenarios aren't happening to you.

They are happening for you.


Understanding your Chakra System will improve your self-awareness, and to navigate a happier and more fulfilling life.

Online Course FAQ's

When does the course start?
As soon as you make payment you will receive a link to enrol in my school 'The Institute for Entrepreneur Artistry'. Create a login and password as requested and you will have full access to the course and study group. Please note that on occasion in may take up to 24hours to gain access (tech glitches are always fun! We are working on upgrading this for you).

How do I receive each module?

This course is delivered via Teachable and will allow you to track your progress through the course.

Does everyone go through the program together?
This is a self-learning online course, so you have complete flexibility of how you choose to work through the content. We recommend to stick to a schedule and put time in your diary to complete each module.

There is a private Facebook Study Group where you can share your experiences, ask Melanie questions, and connect with other students who are working through the course.



Do I have access to updates of content?

Yes. Once you have purchased this course you are now in the tribe (yay!), and will receive course updates for as long as the program is live and available.

Do you have a refund policy?

No. For this Chakra Philosophy Level 1: Emotional Intelligence online self-study course, there are no refunds. However if you are extremely unhappy, your concerns can be address via feedback channels and if needs be a private phone call.

I'm starting to use essential oils and look after my health, will this course help me?

Yes, absolutely. What I love the most is that the chakra system relates to so much in your life - from essential oils, food, sports, your body, recreational activities and even music. You will learn so much about how you can use your favourite health and healing modalities to nurture and strengthen your energetic chakra system. 

What if I need help along the way?

This is a self-learning course, and it is different to my one:one coaching. I would love to help everyone on an individual basis - however this is not possible for this type of learning. Although Melanie will on occasion host Facebook LIVE's in the Study Group - this is your opportunity to ask her questions about any of the content and about your experiences.

Melanie is active the private Study Group and will do her best to assist where possible with any questions. It is her vision to provide for you powerful information and tools to allow you to work through this self-discovery in the best way possible.

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