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How to know if you are a Maverick...



1. an unorthdox or independent-minded person
    synonyms: individualist, non-conformist, free spirit, original, eccentric.

2. an unbranded calf or yearling.

Yes, you did read No.2 correctly...

This English word originated around the year 1867 when a Texan ranch owner, named Maverick, decided to stick it to his fellow ranchers. He didn't want to brand his cattle anymore, and refused to budge on his decision. It clearly caused a kerfuffle throughout the state, as ever since... if you are called a Marverick -  your preference is to walk your own path.

traits of a maverick

· Open & Curious

You love the word 'why'. When someone says no, you often look for a way. When taught a new skill, you'll more than likely think of a better way of doing it (and become frustrated if not allowed to implement it). Your mind needs stimulation otherwise you get bored.

· Creative

Behind your eyes, sits a creative mind. Perhaps your mind narrates stories or perpetual poetry? Maybe music soothes your Soul, or your eye has a unique lens that looks at the world cinematically. Imagination is your best friend. You don't have to be an artist... you just love bringing new life, inventions, ideas and concepts into the world.

· Willing to Take Risks

If you see an opening - you go for it. I mean we only live once right? (Do we?... hmm, perhaps that's topic for another time). Some call you courageous, others might say stupid... but you don't care. While they continue to sit on their sofas, scrolling Facebook while watching re-runs of Friends - you are out and taking action.

· Big Picture Orientated

Let's be honest, the finer details aren't your domain. You may think you're good at it, and perhaps you've been trained to be good at it (aka School, Corporate World)... but if you had it your way - you would stick to what you love and find others to help you with the small stuff. Opportunities and spontanaeity excites you. 

· Unafraid to Break Rules

Dictatorship, regulations, red tape, 'the system'... it all drives you crazy. You hold respect and understand that for communities to be successful they need structure and laws to keep people safe (not everyone is a good samaritan like you). However you hold a level of rebellion on the inside, and you aren't scared to stand up for what's right or bypass authority or the status-quo when required. 

· Perseverance

As you forge ahead with your crazy ideas, you have at times failed. Actually, let's not call it failure - let's call it lessons learned. You still have your tantrum or a good cry, however you're awesome at getting up, brushing the dirt off your knees and starting again... AND with even more determination and wisdom than before.  Why? Because you have drive to make your world, and this world a better place.