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ēˈvälv/   1. to come forth gradually into being; develop; undergo evolution.

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2018 Leadership Sanctum Start Dates:

20 SEPT 2018

Women in Business Leadership

(4 online seats remaining)

1 OCT 2018

Women & Men Personal Leadership

No business talk

(early bird open - closes 27 Sept)

15 OCT 2018

Men in Business Leadership

(early bird opens 1 Oct)

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Are you a woman in the UK or Australia? It’s your last chance to be guided through the Business Chakra System with me in 2018...

Intro training: The Business Chakra System & your emotional aspects... with awareness comes clarity.

Next Program: Women In Business Leadership

Starts: Thurs 20 Sept 2018

Duration: 7 Weeks

Call Time: 9am GMT (6pm AEST) for 90mins

Group Members: 6-8

Investment: US$247* (or payment plan of 2 x US$150)

I've designed the Soul Lounge Leadership Sanctum to support Entrepreneurs & Employees with the teachings of Chakra Philosophy & Emotional Intelligence methodologies.


Coming together each week with a group of like-minded Entrepreneurs, not only stimulates powerful conversation, it also opens the door to heightened growth and inspired action.

"Last week I joined Mel’s Business Chakra Soul Lounge meetup and I really enjoyed it. I’ve been business for 2 decades but never really realized how the ‘over or under development’ of my personal chakras are exactly mirrored in my business. Mel’s system lays that out perfectly. It gave me do much valuable food for thought! Can’t wait for next week!"

Rianne Klein Geltink, Netherlands

Impact Base Business

"I wasn’t sure what to expect coming to my first Soul Lounge meeting, but it was really refreshing to find a holistic approach to business/life. Melanie’s discussion was thought-provoking and left me with a plan of action looking forward. Can’t wait for the next one!"

Samantha Brooks, USA

Social Media & Emerging Maverick




1. A place set apart, as with a sanctum sanctorum; a sacred or private place; a private retreat or workroom

Group Call Description

Each week I will host a 90min online leadership call that will focus on a different Chakra energy (outline below).


In these calls we will discuss the specifics of the Chakra energy, and then how it relates to you personally & to your business.


There will be opportunity at the beginning of each call to do a check-in, and time available to ask me questions in relation to the business topic of that week.


We will also have a private Facebook Group where you can connect with both myself and other group members - to share your experiences ask for support between calls.


Week 1 - Business Base Chakra: Foundations

(*This call will go for 2hrs to allow for intro of members & program)


Week 2 - Business Sacral Chakra:  Branding

Week 3 - Business Solar Plexus:  Product/Service

Week 4 - Business Heart Chakra:  Promotion

Week 5 - Business Throat Chakra:  Communication

Week 6 - Business Brow Chakra:  Leadership

Week 7 - Business Crown Chakra:  Vision

There is no separation between you & your business...

"Mel is an amazing teacher, and these weekly meetings are a real insight into the chakras and their connection with business! It’s a really useful business tool."

Alistair Booth, UK

Emerging Maverick

Weekly Activity


This program isn't designed to take up a lot of your time, rather it's to provide you with tools and resources for you to cultivate your personal awareness and make better decisions for both you and your business while on the go.


Activities will be simple and will include a set of reflection questions each week for you to work through, plus making time to connect with another group member each week for 20-30mins.


The core benefits of joining my Soul Lounge Leadership Sanctum are these:


  • More productivity with less busy-ness

  • Better business decision making

  • Better lifestyle decision making

  • Deepen your personal awareness

  • Connection

  • Reflection

  • Accountability to do your inner work

I'd love you to join me in September. There are limited numbers, so if you are interested please make sure you apply asap.

Program Investment US$247

(Payment Plan 2 x US$150 Instalments)

Seats are limited: Strictly 6-8 members per Sanctum

Next start date: Thursday 20 September 2018

(contact me for your timezone date & time options)

"Mel creates such a comfortable and safe space to dive deep into juicy conversations with the community. I learned a lot from Mel and the wonderful people who joined the discussion. Amazingly helpful for both personal and professional growth!"


Cori Orak, USA

CoOwner at Ethnotek Bags

The world is Changing...

There is this very short, sharp & sweet story I share about the evolution of humanity & what's next for us.

In the beginning, I'm talking 20,000 years ago, our ancestors used the land, the sky & energetics to navigate their way through life. This way of life was based on relying on intuition & using our feminine energy.

As the population grew, we evolved and during the 18th Century we entered the Industrial Revolution. This provided us with a much needed infrastructure for us to develop new technologies. This way of life has been based on logic & masculine energy.

Now it is time for us to find the equilibrium. This is how I believe the way we operate in our life and business is changing.


To ignore your spirit and emotions is to ignore your true calling, purpose & creativity.

The Leadership Sanctum incorporates both very practical perspective on real life/business scenarios & combines them with ancient spiritual teachings.