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- Step By Step Process

- No More Overwhelm

- Easy To Follow Templates

for Yoga Teachers, Healers, Coaches
& Spiritual Mentors 

All Yours For

 ONLY USD$19.99

This DIY Website Toolkit will take you step by step through how to format & create an attractive DIY website that you are proud to show the world & that works.


That means: you don't even have to think about a workable layout - I'll even guide you as to what type of core messaging to place where on each page.


... Sounds great right?! 

So instead of not knowing where or how to start, you can simply follow the structure and have you website finished quicker than you ever thought possible.


It doesn't take long, once you know exactly
how to lay it out and what to write about.

What you will receive in your PDF Toolkit

5 Web Page Templates to follow to create your:

  • Home Page

  • About Page

  • Service Pages

  • Effective Blog Posts

  • Contact Page

Example of template layout to follow for each page

Follow The
Core Message Guide:

So you know what message you need to communicate in each section of your website

BONUS: Complete the Prep Checklist 

Know that you have all the information you need before you even get started

 ONLY USD$19.99

Sound good... well that's because it is!


I'm Melanie, Business Mentor & marketing specialist when it comes to websites and creating a strong online presence for service based businesses.  As a start up, it was a true blessing that my zone of genius is creativity & design. Being able to create strong eye catching visuals and website content, that speaks to my audience easily - I know has made a world of difference to my success.

I also know that this isn't the zone of genius of many start up entrepreneurs. Which is why I created this DIY Website Design Toolkit for those who may not be able to invest in working with professionals like me just yet, but you have the drive and determination to make things work for you!

Let me know how you go. I'd love to hear feedback to keep creating resources that really help support my tribe!

Good luck & big love,

Melanie x