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There is much more to your face than meets the eye. Every feature of your face shares insights to your natural gifts & strengths in leadership style.

  • Has read over 500 Faces worldwide

  • Invited onto Australia's ABC Radio

  • Trained Psychosomatic Therapist

Melanie has been reading faces for over 6 years to assist her clients to understand their personality and behaviours on a deep level.


This knowledge & awareness then allows her clients to know what needs to be changed or embraced to live out the vision they have for themselves.




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Face Reading for Business

& Career Acelleration

US$ & Online OR Face:Face


About Face Reading

If you are struggling to move forward in your business, or if you aren't enjoying your job or another area of your life, and wishing you had the confidence to go for something that you really loved ~ a Face Reading can help you to understand why things keep turning out a certain way, and then what you can do to change it.


Face Reading is not a psychic reading or fortune telling tool... quite the opposite.

As a trained Psychosomatic Therapist (Psych = Mind, Soma = Body), I can read your body and share with you insights about your mind, body and emotion connection. (You can read more on my About Page)

What does this mean? Well... I've got news for you - your body is a complete reflection of your current emotional state and holds a huge amount of information about your zone of genius, personality traits and behaviour patterns.

While your mind can at times distort your truth, and your emotions can run ramped with these truths ~ your body cannot and will not lie. Even if you have the best poker face in the world, a Face Reading will cut through to what your zone of genius is, as well as what may be holding you back from living out your dreams and purpose.


Your body is constantly giving you feed back. I often describe at the body as a compass, it's continually bringing certain aspects of yourself to your attention via pain, dis-ease and through your facial features to assist you to live your true path.

Melanie's style of Face Reading is connected to your Chakra System, with each feature of your face relating to a different Chakra energy and area of your life.


It's not often that people experience being seen and understood on a deep level in a very short amount of time. Not only can a Face Reading session provide clarity with what's next for you, but it can also be a profound healing experience.

"It’s not everyday some looks at your face and really sees it. Melanie was able to see me in my face and know where I have been closing myself off from me as a whole.


We discussed a lot in our session and I have been given tools to work with so that I allow all of me to shine and not be afraid to show up and be present as me. I would highly recommend that you try face reading with Melanie, you will learn a lot and feel revived after."

Tina Curran






(VALUE $97)

Face Reading for Business

& Career Acelleration


Face Reading Q's

How does a Face Reading session work?


A private Face Reading will go for approximately 60mins. 

Initially I will ask you what you would like to focus on in your business, career or other area of your life. That way we can keep the reading relative to what's going on for you, and you can walk away with next action steps to take.

I then deep dive into the features of your face, looking at the overall shape, your chin, mouth, nose, eyes, cheek bones, eyebrows, forehead and ears... even your hairline will share insights about you. I look at your bone structure as well as muscle & tissue tone.

We also look at the balance between your right (feminine) & left (masculine) brain function and energy. This is extremely enlightening!  More and more people are talking about their masculine and feminine energy these days... and your face is literally reflecting the balance between the two right back to you every time you look in the mirror.

Is Face Reading Effective Online?

Yes.  I have read over 500 Faces, both face:face and online and there is no difference within the power of the session (in fact online is great as it's easily recorded for you to keep and refer back to when needed). 

For online sessions please make sure you have a stable and strong wifi connection. On a laptop or desktop is best, and make sure you are in a quiet and private environment.

What do I need to prepare for the session?

Just your good self. As mentioned above I will ask you what's on your mind, and we converse during the session. If you are lucky enough to be having a face:face session with Melanie, please make sure you bring your mobile phone device to record the session.

Should I wear makeup?

It's really up to you. By wearing makeup you will be accentuating different Chakra Energies... there is no right or wrong, only what is in the moment.




(VALUE $97)

Face Reading for Business

& Career Acelleration



Face Reading Workshops?...


Yes! She certainly does... please click below if you are an Organisation or Small Business, or if you are looking to book Melanie to speak or facilitate at your next retreat or event.


Melanie is alway up for visiting new cities around the globe, so please make contact if you'd like her to come speak or run a Face Reading workshop near you.

If you'd love to come to one of Melanie's events, check out the On Tour tab in the main menu.

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