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Chakra Philosophy


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"... It's fascinating (and confronting) to see the physical manifestation of the balance of masculine and feminine energies. "

Katherine, Australia

Spiritual technology to make better business decisions in a
new world.


Chakra Philosophy & Conscious Leadership training for Entrepreneurs who know the business world is changing & it's time to make an impact.

Because The World Needs You...

STEP #1: Disappointed with your last launch or burnt out? Do this...

Face Split Analysis Report

Your face is a mirror of your current decision making process.

As an Entrepreneur, the first person you need to be able to trust is yourself.

The Face Split Analysis Report is a Psychosomatic Tool I use to measure firstly how you make your business decisions, and then secondly, it will enable you to monitor your inner transformation.


In a snap shot, understand your beliefs and how you can improve the relationship between your Feminine (creativity) & Masculine (logic) energies. When they work together, you will make better business decisions that are aligned ethically to serve both you and your community.

An ethical business owner is someone who is consistent with their beliefs by their actions and they have empathy for others.

"I wish I could have seen the split images a couple of decades ago... You came into my life at exactly the right time. I’m sure you’ve heard this many times. I’m very interested in what you have to offer to allow me to do the needed work."

Jenny Smith, USA


"Wow. Thanks, Melanie! I expected this general pattern but your words really hit home and resonated with me. I'm going to integrate this week and explore this some more - checking in with how I feel, of course."

Dr Carra Gubbins, USA



"The Business Chakra Workshop was a very powerful tool delivered to executives in South Africa, to help them rethink the link between their businesses and themselves.


This unique framework & powerful methodology received extremely positive feedback from participants... it created a new perspective & deeper self awareness of how important the connection to our work truly is. Even 12 months on they are still talking about it."

Swaady Martin, South Africa


Serial Entrepreneur & recipient of

Africa's Most Influential Women In Business & Govt 2018 Award

One of 40 women on the Oprah Winfrey 'O Power List' 2014 

STEP #2 At cross-roads or questioning why you started? Do this...

Face Reading Consultation


There is no separation between you and your business.

Use body wisdom to create steady growth without the burnout.

After reading over 600 faces there are clear commonalities. Entrepreneurs have high expectations and a low levels of patience, the knock on effect - frustration & burnout because you actually aren't working within your Zone of Genius - even if you are a Solopreneur.

Not having clear boundaries, stunted creativity and over-giving are behaviour traits I see in Face Reading consults time and time again. These behaviours once changed, will transform not only the way your business success unfolds... but you'll finally be serving your community from your highest good.


Face Reading is a Psychosomatic Tool, and will reveal personality traits, strengths and behaviour patterns holding you back from living out your vision with confidence and vitality. You'll also be asked to share if you have any other chronic or acute physical/health issues going on, and I will share with you how it's connected to the success of your business, including what's most important for you to take into consideration first.

Melanie Midegs

Psychosomatic Therapist & Entrepreneur

BONUS! Book your 60min Face Reading Consultation & receive Steps 1 & 3 FREE*

A total support package.

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"I just had a Face Reading and my energy is running high! Melanie is simply amazing at what she does. The amount of knowledge and information she is able to provide blew me away. I had no idea one is able to know all this by looking at someones face.


I can highly recommend her. One hour and you understand yourself so much more. Its crazy and you walk away knowing what work needs to be done! Fascinating. Plus Melanie is just able to break it down and connect the dots."


Ladina Pottera, Switzerland


"Totally loved my Face Reading today with Melanie, I'd been wanting to do this for some time, and it's true, it was exactly what I needed to help clarify some massive things in my life.


So much of it was ah-ha moments where pennies dropped and I gave myself permission to listen to the intuition that had been chattering for some time... 100% love her work, it speaks to our truth and unique strengths. Thanks Melanie."

Mandy Williams, Australia


"Just saying the obvious to those who know {Melanie} - one of the smartest, creative most dimensional thought leaders I have met in Bali. Thank you for being in my life."

Alan Clements, USA


Author, Artist & Dharma Teacher

STEP #3 Ready to put your Face Reading wisdom into action? Then do this...


Chakra Philosophy





I'll see you in our private Study Group!

"Melanie is a conscious, sympathetic and empathetic teacher bringing together solid business practice with ancient wisdom. Too often talks of this type sit in one camp or the other and have challenges bridging the two, which, ironically, is the problem in the first place. Melanie shows us how we can be "whole" beings and balancing our lives in a mindful manner."

Christopher Thompson, USA


Co-Founder of The Bridge @ Green School Bali


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"Like a lifeline for the solo entrepreneur. A Red Tent for entrepreneurs who seek inner wisdom and ways to connect internally and externally, for conscious dialogue, and conscious choices."

Val Cline, Canada


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