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4 Week Online


Productivity & Leadership

for Entrepreneurs who work remotely


*Payment Plan Available & Advanced Bookings Accepted

Next Round:

Mon 5 Feb - Mon 4 March 2018

Contact me below for an interview

Work efficiently & effectively to turn your business around without burn out or feeling isolated. 

***Max 6 Participants***

The top 7 reasons why you need this

#1 Lack of focus is effecting your business

#2 You can't afford a long-term Business Mentor

#3 Cash-flow issues keep you up at night

#4 You find it difficult to complete tasks & projects

#5 There is hidden anxiety & stress behind every goal missed 

#6 You have resources - but no time to utilise them

#7 Prioritising your time is an issue

How you will grow from this experience

#1 Understand your rhythm to work efficiently

#2 Be able to make better business decisions

#4 Realise you can achieve goals & not burn out

#5 Regain & build your confidence

#6 Build relationships with like minded people.

More than just accountabiliy...

Vanessa, Australia

The French Organic Company

Caroline, United Kingdom

The Luxe Collective

"There is no separation between you and your business... the way you turn up for yourself will be reflected in your success.


Working from home as your own 'boss' is a lot harder than you think."

Melanie Midegs

Business Mentor, Marketing Specialist
& Teacher of The Business Chakra System

Only 4 Weeks? It's for a reason...

I know you know the value of having a mentor or coach on your team. I also know that the best can also be the most expensive.

Investing in a 3 month or 6 month package is sometimes not financially doable. Which is why this little gem will only ever be run in 4 week blocks - to keep it simple and affordable.


This is enough time for you to see what you need to change in YOUR focus & productivity, which is ultimately what has a huge impact on your business. The ripple effect being that you can start to plan and recruit the long-term support you need for expansion.

Going against the grain... but there is a time when you will need someone to hold space & give you a leg-up. 

How It Works

What to expect over the 4 weeks for US$397:

*Total Value US$1,100

2 x Private Sessions

(Value US$550)

- 1 x 30min Pre Kick Off
  Goal Setting session 

- 1 x 60min
  Business Mentoring Session
  during the 4 Weeks

& Group Calls

(Value US$550)

- Mondays: 
  90min Check In Call

- Thursdays:
  90min Checkin In Call

- PLUS Daily FB Group
  Check-In & weekly buddy call

Get Work Done

& See Results

(Value Priceless!)

- Prove you can be consistent 
  and complete your projects

- Private Facebook Group to
  enable sharing of insights,
  connection & answering

+ BONUS Leadership Insights from International Experts

***Maximum 6 Participants***


NEXT ROUND: MON 5 Feb 2018

(only 6 places open)

Rachel, Australia

Earth Song Global

You're between a rock
& a hard place...

...you know you need help - but hiring a personal
coach or mentor just isn't doable at the moment.



You have invested in coaches, programs & online courses. You really thought they would be the answer you were looking for ~ except you're not quite there yet... and there is one key denominator, YOU.

It's not because of what you invested in.
You realise it's all happened for a reason & you continue to learn so much from those experiences...


But, now you feel stuck between a rock and hard place. You've been giving it your best shot on your own, but it's starting to take it's toll and the income you expected & wanted, isn't rolling in.


You used to jump out of bed in the morning, and now its more of a moan - and you hate that! You actually are a really motivated person but right now, no matter how much Tony Robins or Abraham Hicks you listen to... it's hard to shift into a positive productive mode.

More and more you are continuing to question what you are doing and how effective & efficient you are really being behind the scenes of your business.

You know you've got a product or service that people want from you...
and you know it's up to you to make it happen!

Don't Miss Out!

***Maximum 6 Participants***

Before I work with anyone, we have to dig each other!

As I've mentioned above, there is an application process. This is to ensure that you are ready for our 4 weeks together, and that all participants are suited to each other.


I need to find out more about your business to make sure we are the right fit and for the group. And guess what?... I want you to ask me questions too!


If you have read this far, it means you know you need some help to get the momentum in your business back on track.


I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


Big love,

Melanie xo