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ēˈvälv/   1. to come forth gradually into being; develop; undergo evolution.

New Chakra Philosophy Program Now Open (no business talk this time ) ...we start 8 October online 🙌 Early bird closes 4 October 2018

Apply for September intake

2018 Leadership Sanctum Start Dates:

20 SEPT 2018

Women in Business Leadership

(In Session)

8 OCT 2018

Women & Men Life Leadership

No business talk

(early bird open - closes 4 Oct)

15 OCT 2018

Men in Business Leadership

(enrolments opening soon)

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This program will help you to improve areas of your life such as:

~ Financial Wellbeing

~ Better Relationships

~ Lower Stress & Anxiety

~ Discover your Purpose in Life


Next Program: Women & Men Life Leadership - Chakra Philosophy (no business talk)

Starts: Monday 8 October 2018

Course Duration: 7 Weeks (last call Mon 19 Nov 2018)

Call Time: 7pm AEDT (Sydney) for 90mins

Early Bird:  US$247 until 4 October 2018

Investment: US$297* (or payment plan of 2 x US$175)


Last Chance: Enrol now for US$295


*Our weekly calls start Monday 8 October 2018



You will learn:

  • What the Charka System is

  • How it relates to your decision making

  • How to identify an energetic block

  • How to identify sabotaging behaviours

  • How to change these via personal enquiry

  • How to make better decisions to enhance your life

I've designed the Soul Lounge Leadership Sanctum to support Entrepreneurs & Employees with the teachings of Chakra Philosophy & Emotional Intelligence methodologies.


Coming together each week with a group of like-minded people, not only stimulates powerful conversation, it also opens the door to heightened growth and inspired action.

"I had been thinking about learning more about the Chakra's and this course came at the perfect time. I didn't realise this until a major unexpected event happened in my work life.


The way Mel guides you through the course and the tools she provides helped me to 'use my voice' (hello Solar Plexus!) and supported me through the transition.


I love the fact that the resources are easily accessible and I can refer to them as needed. When you become aware of your Chakras it gives a whole new meaning to learning about your body, mind and spirit. Thanks Mel xx"

Kristy S, Australia

Government & Doterra Wellness Advocate

"I highly recommend the Chakra Philosophy Course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and didn't want it to end. I love how much Mel shared in this course and how easy it was to understand because it was explained so well. I love the amazing resources shared, the videos and the fact we get to keep using them long after the course has finished. Since finishing this course I feel full of creativity and ready to explore some more. Thank you Mel. Love & Gratitude."

Bec P, Australia

Photographer & Artist




1. A place set apart, as with a sanctum sanctorum; a sacred or private place; a private retreat or workroom

Weekly Call Topics

Each week I will host a 90min online leadership call that will focus on a different Chakra energy (outline below).


In these calls we will discuss the specifics of your Chakra energies, and then how it relates to your modern day life. We will look at both the positive and negative aspects of each Chakra energy via relatable every day archetype behaviour (see list below).


There will be opportunity at the beginning of each call to do a check-in, and time available to ask me questions in relation to the chakra energy that week.


We will also have a private Facebook Group where you can connect with both myself and other group members - to either share your experiences, or ask for support between calls.

Week 1 - Business Base Chakra: The Mother/Father (Nurturer) & The Victim

(*This call will go for 2hrs to allow for intro of members & program)


Week 2 - Business Sacral Chakra:  The Emperor/Empress & The Martyr

Week 3 - Business Solar Plexus:  The Warrior & The Servant

Week 4 - Business Heart Chakra:  The Lover & The Actor/Actress

Week 5 - Business Throat Chakra:  The Communicator & The Silent Child

Week 6 - Business Brow Chakra:  The Wise Person & The Intellectual

Week 7 - Business Crown Chakra:  The Guru & The Egotist

~ Go from 'Messy Life' to a 'Life of Clarity & Direction'

~ Become aware of your 'Blocks' & learn how to find 'Flow'

~ Move from 'Emotionally Overwhelmed' to 'Emotionally Empowered'

~ Instead of feeling lost and confused, experience life with purpose

There is no separation between you & your life experience...


Last Chance: Enrol now for US$295


*Our weekly calls start Monday 8 October 2018



"Mel creates such a comfortable and safe space to dive deep into juicy conversations with the community. I learned a lot from Mel and the wonderful people who joined the discussion. Amazingly helpful for both personal and professional growth!"


Cori Orak, USA

CoOwner at Ethnotek Bags

Weekly Homework


This program isn't designed to take up a lot of your time, rather it's to provide you with tools and resources for you to cultivate your personal awareness and make better life decisions while on the go.


Activities will be simple and will include a set of reflection questions each week for you to work through, plus making time to connect in with our private Facebook Group each week for a minimum of 20-30mins.

I'd love you to join me from Monday 8 October 2018. There are limited numbers, so if you are interested please make sure you jump in ASAP.

Call Dates & Times


Call #1 - Mon 8 Oct 2018 @ 7pm AEDT (Sydney)

(*please note daylight savings commences)

Base Chakra: The Mother/Father (Nurturer) & The Victim

Call #2 - Mon 15 Oct 2018 @ 7pm AEDT 

Sacral Chakra: The Emperor/Empress & The Martyr

Call #3 - Mon 22 Oct 2018 @ 7pm AEDT

Solar Plexus Chakra: The Warrior & The Servant

Call #4 - Mon 29 Oct 2018 @ 7pm AEDT 

Heart Chakra: The Lover & the Actor/Actress

Call #5 - Mon 5 Nov 2018 @ 7pm AEDT

Throat Chakra: The Communicator & The Silent Child

Call #6 - Mon 12 Nov 2018 @ 7pm AEDT

Brow Chakra: The Wise Person & The Intellectual

Call #7 - Mon 19 Nov 2018 @ 7pm AEDT

Crown Chakra: The Guru & The Egotist


Last Chance: Enrol now for US$295


*Our weekly calls start Monday 8 October 2018





I can't make one (or more) of the calls?

If you are unable to make more than one of the calls I would advise not joining this program.


As this is a 'Group Program', the group energy and discussion is extremely important with this style of learning. An alternative would be to sign up to my self-study online course: Chakra Philosophy for the Modern World... which you are able work through at your own pace, and when you have time. 

Will the calls be recorded?

As the calls go for 90mins, and from previous experience facilitating online group programs, the 'listen to' rate is extremely low for recordings. Therefore calls will not be recorded.


Calls will be hosted via Zoom. If you are on the call, it is possible for you to record directly from your side of the call, and I'm happy for you to do this - please let me know prior to call commencement. 


I'm not sure if this course is for me, can I book a call with you to make sure?

Yes! Absolutely more than happy for you to do so and you can do right here.

Is there a refund policy?

If you have participated in the first two calls, and completed the homework, yet you are not happy with your learning experience - you can apply for a refund first via writing, and then via a verbal discussion with myself. I take customer satisfaction very seriously, particularly for those who participate and commit to the work. Refunds will not be issued simply because you have changed your mind.

I really want to do this course, but the time of the calls really don't suit. Will there be other opportunities?

Yes! If this is you, please go to the top of this page and complete the 'application form' stating where you live and generally what is a good time for you. After responding to you, I will keep your request on file and keep it in mind for subsequent Soul Lounge Leadership Sanctum's in 2019.

Again, alternatively you can enrol in my online self-study course: Chakra Philosophy for the Modern World, which you can work through at you own pace. 

The world is Changing...

There is this very short, sharp & sweet story I share about the evolution of humanity & what's next for us.

In the beginning, I'm talking 20,000 years ago, our ancestors used the land, the sky & energetics to navigate their way through life. This way of life was based on relying on intuition & using our feminine energy.

As the population grew, we evolved and during the 18th Century we entered the Industrial Revolution. This provided us with a much needed infrastructure for us to develop new technologies. This way of life has been based on logic & masculine energy.

Now it is time for us to find the equilibrium. This is how I believe the way we operate in our life and business is changing.


To ignore your spirit and emotions is to ignore your true calling, purpose & creativity.

The Leadership Sanctum incorporates both very practical perspective on real life/business scenarios & combines them with ancient spiritual teachings.