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Testimonial from Sarah K Jones


Hi there,

I'm Melanie and it's so true!


I don't know about you, but I believe that creating your own business is most definitely the biggest personal development journey you will ever embark upon. There is so much to think about - the online world is not a place for the faint hearted.

There will be days when it feels like the universe is pushing you up against the wall big time... it's then, that you can and will start to question yourself & what you are doing. However, it's these times that will reveal the hidden diamonds within you, including your true purpose and hunger for success.

Over the past 2 years I have been living on an tropical island paradise, helping entrepreneurs from around the globe with their business models, online presence and marketing... and most importantly, supporting them to emotionally empower themselves through the process. 

I literally plucked myself out of the western world and put myself in a situation where all I had was the internet to earn an income, because I wanted to learn how to use it ~ and how to use it well.

I still remember reading The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss , back when I was 30 and saying to myself - this is what I want to do. That was over 8 years ago now. Am I working 4 hours a week?... not really! lol... but I am on my way and living a life that I love that is a far stretch from the corporate numbed life I used to lead.

Everyday I know how to feel, and each and every day is different... and this fuels my creativity like you wouldn't believe. Part of this creativity is helping other entrepreneurs to see their vision come into reality. There is nothing that fills me up more than someone finding clarity and momentum with their business development.

My Zone of Genius

(How I can help you)

· Business Foundations & Strategy
(e.g ideal customer, business model, service packaging & social media)

· Personality Branding & Design
(my absolute favourite - you are your business)

· Online Marketing & Communications

(there is an art to this...)

· Energetics & Body/Mind Connection

(pre-tropical island I was a Massage Therapist, Psychosomatic Therapist

& studied Quantum Emotional Healing)

· Creative Ideas To Help You Stand Out

(I used to call myself a Creative Inspirator & would paint all day... need I say more)

"I love to get my hands dirty..."

These are my actual hands and they were made for creating. If requied, in addition to mentoring sessions
I help my clients with:

· Website review &/or development

· Facebook banners & social media posts
· Mailchimp set up & strategy

· Webinar technology & preparation
· Review of copy for offers & sales pages
· Design assistance with Canva

Step 1



If you aren't clear on what you want then how will we make it happen? This is more than your dot point business vision... this is becoming clear on all the areas of your life.

Step 2



Show me the money...

What is required to make your vision real? Running a sustainable business means you need to crunch the numbers - & I'll be holding your hand along the way.

Step 3



Now that we have realistic and grounded business goals in place, now it's time to create! Strategy & marketing support to help you to stand out, be you & attract the right clients to your work.

Working with Melanie was important to my growth as a person and in growing my business. She’s a creative person and I needed to work with someone who had that creative, spiritual mix. Plus she has created her own thriving business and has the experience and insight and business flair that I needed help with. 

If you are a person who wants solid business foundations and want to work with someone who has creative spiritual insight and ingenuity I highly recommend working with Melanie. 

Before I hired Mel as my coach I met her for the first time in Bali. She was so genuine and generous. She went beyond helping me. It’s her nature. She loves to help. I knew that when I was ready to hire a coach I would be working with her.  I’m so happy I did. She gives more than 100% to support your success.


My business was all over the place before Mel and I worked together. Now my business is more aligned energetically which helped me be more visible and confident in how I can help others.


Thank you Melanie.

Aesha Kennedy

Brilliant Misfit, Creativity Coach & Yoga Instructor


Do It Your Way

(Everybody is different)

I will share with you my best practices, work with your zone of genius & help you to create a business that lights you up - not one that tears you apart.

To create an online business you will need drive, vitality & time to nurture your creation. You will need to work hard - but when it's in alignment with your Soul's purpose that 'hard work feeling' transitions to a place of passion...

...rather than coming from a place of fear.




"The above matters more than you'll want it to..."

(& I can help you to change it)

Her fears:

"I know my work inside out, but if I put my prices up what if no one wants to work with me? How will I be able to find the people that will?

I want to be successful, I want to make good money... far out, when am I going to make more than what I need? This debt is just not clearing up...


I'm trying to stay positive ~ but common' universe, give me a break..."

Unconsciously holding herself back:

"It just doesn't feel like me... I do love my clients - but they aren't really who I want to work with... they hardly ever want to do the work. I go so over and above for them.

So frustrating, & meanwhile I'm struggling to feed myself!


I really need to change my message... and re-do my website... urgh! I've been saying that for months. Why can't I just get it done?!"

The masculine driven woman:

"Why can't I let go & stop trying to control everything?... Actually, I know why ~ but I don't want to admit it to anyone. If I stop focusing on my business it means I have to look at everything else.


That scares the shit out of me. Who am I without my business? I don't even know what really makes me happy anymore... & everyone thinks my business is going great... if only they knew."

The feminine driven woman:

"I have so many amazing ideas that would really help change this world. Sometimes it feels like an avalanche and I'm not sure where to start... the downloads have been coming thick & fast lately. It's a little overwhelming.

They say to niche, but why can't I do everything? It's my life... & anything is possible. I do my rituals every morning, I meditate, I practice the principals of Law of Attraction. Although I have started to quietly wonder when things will start to happen, because it kind of needs to start happening soon..."

Let's Change Things

(Entrepreneur Artistry)

Before I work with anyone, we have to dig each other!

As I've mentioned above everybody is different. I need to find out more about your business development journey to make sure we are the right fit. And guess what?... I want you to ask me questions too!


I deliver my coaching in 10 hour packages to be used within a 6 month period (payment plans available). This time can be used with strategy Skype calls and my hands on 'Copy Review, Design and/or Tech Assistance' support.

All one:one clients have email access to me, and in fact in 2017 I've create some special BONUSES for my VIP peeps too!

Click here to send me a message or click here to book a 20min Skype call with me right away!



The top 4 reasons why clients work with me

(& why I love helping them...)

#1 Feel stuck & confused with what to focus on first

#2 Cash-flow issues & lack of consistent income

#3 Low confidence & find it difficult to be seen online

#4 Want to know how to attract new clients