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Lessons From Frieda - My Car

Only one week to go till I head OS and I'm feeling pretty excited! However, go back one week and it was a very different story. Even the most well prepared and experienced in big change can have moments of doubt. After my debacle with the house at #10, the twists and turns continued to play out and I began to feel the physical effects of feeling anxious and stressed about moving overseas.

I was feeling sooo tired, had low vitality and the smallest of tasks felt like Ben Hur. I kept thinking, just keep going until you get to Bali - then you can take it easy. My head being in control at this point thought that was a sound plan, however in reality it was a very bad plan. When arriving in a foreign place you want to have as much energy as possible to take it all in and navigate a new country and it's culture in your stride.

I had a little incident with my car which I talk about in my video. Even though I had been hearing and seeing the signs, it took a little bump from good old Frieda to really put things into perspective, and me into action with giving myself a little TLC.

Enjoy the video and I hope it helps you with any change you may be going through at the moment. Let me know if anything resonates - thanks to those who have been in touch, I love hearing from my followers!


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