• Melanie Midegs

How To Feel Abundant When You Are Broke As Shit!

Guest Post by Maria Hinton. Broke feels yucky. Broke is broken, shattered, in pieces. So when you are low on money, how do you feel? You are not broken, but it feels like it. You can’t go out with your friends. Those cute shoes, too bad. You are packing your lunch, eating ramen noodles and waxing your own eyebrows. How is a girl supposed to feel better? Not having money in the bank shouldn't define you. Let’s see if we can drum up a good thought or two.

First off, why are you broke? Everyone should have an emergency fund in the bank, at least 6 months’ worth. Your car could break down, an unexpected illness, the cat got sick kind of emergency fund. The emergency is not the little black dress you wanted for a party. That is a want, not a need. An emergency fund is for a need. You needed the part to fix your car. If your car doesn’t run, you can’t get to work. If you can’t get to work, you don’t get paid. See, these are needs.

A want is totally different. That little red dress is just to die for. It couldn’t be any yummier. It is just the right shade and matches your black pumps. Your date will just love it. You can wear it to your cousin's wedding in the summer. You even have a clutch that is perfect to go along. How precious is that, I ask you?

Do you need the dress? No. Will your date care? No. You have clothing. Clothing is a need, if you have none. Your desire for the cutest red dress ever doesn’t make the mark. Your want it something fierce, but again it's a want.

So you are eating ramen noodles and watching reruns of Friends, yuck! Your friends are out on the town. You are on the sofa, the cat threw up and you want to cry. So cry for a bit, dab your eyes, and pet the cat. You need (not want) an adjustment in attitude.

Get out your journal and a pen. Write down 5 people who love you. They can be family, best friends, whomever. Okay, got that? Now write down five things you see that are beautiful. It can be the cat, the picture of your grandparents, your favorite book, whatever you can see. These are things you think are beautiful. Now write down five things you are thankful for. It can be your job, your landlord who fixed your faucet, air conditioning, anything you are thankful for.

Now stop and read your list aloud. Five people love you, they truly do. Now read the five beautiful things you see in your apartment. Great now the five things you are thankful for, a faucet and clean water. Now think of all you truly have. Not so broke after all.

Hi, I’m Maria Hinton and I’m THE money mindset coach for women entrepreneurs who’re ready to get up, get going and get back in the black (translation? making that money, honey). A former financial planner and social worker (I know, right?), I’m a business-minded humanitarian who is crazy-passionate about helping women get real about their money blocks, get clear on their desires and learn how to own their worth so they can make more bucks in their biz.

But how did I get here, you might ask?

One word: Mindset.