• Melanie Midegs

Bamboozled By Defining Your Niche?

Being able to define who your ideal customer is, and understand who you are servicing actually makes your business structure and everything else you do in your business so much easier.

It is an area that I know so many people struggle with which is why I've made this short video below to answer a commonly asked question: How Do you choose your niche & stick to it?

The hardest part of laying solid foundations for your business is working out your niche. It's a shame the hardest part is one of the first steps, which is why people struggle in the start-up phase so much... but if you can persevere, focus and know that getting this bit right really will set you up for success - you'll be on the right track! The first ideal customer I started out with was me!... well... an earlier version of me. My first ideal client was someone who was stuck in the 9-5 and dreaming of a better life - knowing there had to be more to life than a corporate office. The reason I started here because I could go back and remember my experiences and really connect with the emotions I was feeling at that point in my life.... and putting myself back in those shoes and writing my copy from that space was how I was able to connect with my audience.


Yes, there is a but... I found it really hard to find this audience online. I was able to connect to them via running workshops, but I wanted to create an online business and I couldn't seem to track down exactly how to find them online - PROBLEM!

So, instead of giving up I went into problem solving mode and started exploring Facebook Groups and discovering who were hanging out in theses groups... and then seeing the connection of how I could help the people in these groups with my gifts, skills and talents.

I found a new ideal customer, and these were women who were already on the journey of leaving the 9-5. Changing my niche and finding them suddenly made my life a whole lot easier. One thing to remember is to know that your niche will change as you grow. As you and your business become more successful you will become clearer and clearer about who you really want to work with an how you can help them.

You may in the end even end up with a couple of ideal customer niches, however in the first instance I say stick to one. If you try and serve everyone in the beginning will get you nowhere very quickly... that I do know for sure.

PLEASE REMEMBER that this really is one of the hardest parts of creating your business so be kind to yourself during the process. If you are really stuck and just not sure how to go about it, look me up - I can help you!

Big love,

Melanie xo

An avid lover of fresh coconuts, you will often find Melanie in Bali, Indonesia. Melanie privately mentors entrepreneurs and runs her online course Program Ignition that teaches the Business Chakra System. She tours the world to assist Coaches, Healers, Spiritual Mentors & Yoga Teachers with her Business Chakra Workshops & is also the host of the online community The Soul Lounge for Entrepreneurs.

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