• Melanie Midegs

A Bit of Eat Pray Love for your Business

I haven't been through a tough time, rather I've just been through a very enlightening time that has changed my perception of my world and business. I believe in synchronicity and that everything happens for a reason... and I do believe that I've ended up in Bali for a reason.

There is no separation between you & your business... ...spirituality is part of the deal.

I am quite a practical person. I love structure, I love having a plan and when there is a system in place that's working well, I get all giddy (can't believe I just said that - but it's true). And all of these aspects of myself became precedent in the lead up to Christmas and into the new year. My business had taken off, and the business treadmill went from a 7 to a 10. My spiritual practice took a back seat, in fact I think I actually kicked it out of the car - there was no time to sit, reflect and meditate. The best I could do was kinda think about maybe doing some meditation as I tried to sleep at night, while my body was so full of adrenalin and worry.

Follow the cravings of your heart... ...otherwise your body will show them to you ...& not necessarily in the nicest of ways.

My heart yearned for quiet, it yearned for connection, it yearned to rest. I had mastered the art of business rituals (still going strong - this week's blog is here!), however I was yet to learn the art of creating personal ritual to take care of myself. It sounds crazy, especially given that I teach the Business Chakra System... But you know what, we are all human, we are all different and we all need to work out how to listen to our individual needs. When starting your own business, you will have to operate in a new way and find your new tipping points. There will never be a book, or a seminar or a world renown spiritual teacher to teach you what that tipping point is... it is something that you will need to experience for yourself. Sorry - no magic pill for this one! For the past 6 weeks I have made having ritual and spiritual practice an absolute MUST in my world - and it has felt weird... I've also had to ask for help to assist me in this area. I've really had to be diligent, book in time and make my spiritual practices a priority... and guess what? Not only am I experiencing a better quality of life but my business is also reaching new levels.

Today Edy, my Bali Medicine Man, (he doesn't like me calling him that - but ever since I met him in 2014, we always talk about spirituality while he's driving me around), drove me to the Tirta Empul Temple and told me:

"There is no point in seeking out a Guru unless you are willing to do what they say. The messages they receive to pass onto you are sacred, and if you don't do it then there is no point until you are ready".

Yeah... he's totally more than just my Balinese driver. Believe in yourself & take care of you. I'd like to tell you not to wait until the wheels fall off - but perhaps the wheels falling off are part of your unique growth process... who knows... I don't have your answers - only you do. Become aware and listen to your heart for the signs. Big love, Melanie xo

An avid lover of fresh coconuts, you will often find Melanie in Bali, Indonesia. Melanie mentors upcoming entrepreneurs to step into their power as Change Makers & Thought Leaders, and is the host of The Soul Lounge for Entrepreneurs. Her creativity will blow your mind, as she will help to propel your vision into reality and stand out from the crowd in the online space. www.seedtosoul.com.au