• Melanie Midegs

You Need To Speak Your Truth

Whoa! What an amazing weekend. For those of you following me on Facebook, Instagram or who are in The Soul Lounge for Entrepreneurs, you will know that I spent the weekend in Melbourne with a room full of inspiring, like minded, big hearted Entrepreneurs at the 2016 Artful Business Conference. There were so many highlights, and I've been reflecting on what was my biggest takeaway was from the event that I could share with you. Here it is...

Sharing Your Story Will Strengthen You More Than You'll Ever Know

On Monday morning, after the conference, I started to pack my suitcase... flying from one to-do to the next. When all of a sudden I stopped. I just stopped what I was doing. I put down what I was holding, went over to the window of my temporary and beautiful Melbourne apartment and pulled the curtains wide open. I sat in the huge lounge chair that looked out over the park outside and I smiled. I picked up my journal and I began to write because I wanted to capture how I was feeling in that exact moment. I wanted to capture the feeling of doing the work that I know I am here to do, and that it encompassed everything that I love so much. Travelling, connecting, being creative, teaching, speaking, inspiring and most of all... sharing my story to help others. I was here. The moment where I could tick all of the boxes... it is so true life is not about arriving at a destination. It's the experiences that we have along the way that leave us in a state of wanting to do more.

Life truly is amazing if you allow yourself to let go. Today as I sit writing this blog post from another amazing city Sydney, I'm still smiling at my own creations. If you need help to reach your goals there are three ways you can work with me right now: 1) Purchase the latest edition of my Business Chakra Workbook. It will provide you with the tools to empower yourself to step out of your comfort zone. 2) Find your Zone of Genius via a Face Reading for Business Session. Your body is a reflection of your strengths & weaknesses. Acknowledge what is going on and make changes to work in a way that serves you. 3) Let's work one:one! If failure is not an option and you are ready to make an impact on the world with your work. Let's connect and see if I'm the right person to help your vision become real.

Being confident in your business and being able to walk your talk will make all the difference in your world.

Big love,

Melanie xo

An avid lover of fresh coconuts, you will often find Melanie in Bali, Indonesia. Melanie mentors upcoming entrepreneurs to step into their power as Change Makers & Thought Leaders, and is the host of The Soul Lounge for Entrepreneurs. Her creativity will blow your mind, as she will help to propel your vision into reality and stand out from the crowd in the online space. www.seedtosoul.com.au