• Melanie Midegs

How The Soul Lounge for Entrepreneurs Will Expose You & Your Biz

It was March 2016 and I lay in my bed in Ubud Bali, looking up at the ceiling. What the f*ck was I going to do? The universe had rewarded me well for not listening to the signs. My body ached and was heavy, I felt like I had purged enough for humanity as a whole. My family was worried, asking me to please come home to Australia...

...but I knew deep inside that this was exactly where I needed to be.

This wasn't a bug or a virus... this was 100% dis-ease and changing location wasn't going to fix it. Happiness these days was a figment of my imagination that I was trying so desperately to cling to.

Why on earth would I not be happy? I had left the 9-5 rat race, I'd created my own business... I was living on a tropical island for crying out loud! But you can't fake a feeling.

I knew it was time to revisit that question again that seemed to taunt me on and off for years, even decades. Why are you here Mel? What is your reason for even being on this planet? You have gifts, you have talents... why aren't you embracing them and using them?

By my bed I had my usual pile of self-help books. Everything I read made complete and utter sense. I am not shy to say that I'm a smart cookie, I'm not new to the world of personal development and understanding concepts of energetics, new thought paradigms and the connection we have with the reality we create around us. However, I'm also humble enough to know that I don't have all the answers and sometimes the most obvious answers can be the hardest to see - especially when it's you who's going through the disruption. It confused me as I felt like I'd taken the plunge and followed my heart SO many times in my life, even when it made no sense at all. That wasn't the problem. Courage was not my problem. There was still something a-miss.

I thought deep about every aspect of my business, my clients, my products, my services, the way I communicated about what I did... and as wrote down what I liked and what I didn't, I realised it just didn't feel real - it wasn't the real me. This is why I was in such turmoil and state of dis-ease. There is only so long you can keep up a facade... especially with yourself.

The personal expectations I had on myself based on those who ran in my circles and what I witnessed around me was out of this world. Looking back, how ridiculous - but we're human... I believe we'll keep comparing and forgetting ourselves, until we get it... and of course be reminded by circumstance how ever that plays out.

It was in this moment that I decided that my tribe, the community I wanted to create had to have Soul. It had to be real and it had to be a safe place for Entrepreneurs to explore who they really are. It's more than just creating products and services... your business is an extension of you.

I was also tired of seeing the same people showing up in the online spaces I frequented, all doing the same kind of thing. If there is one thing that drives me mad, it's looking like everyone else. God, I remember when I lived in York in England and every girl seemed to have the same haircut and look the same... I thought, why the hell would you want to do that?! How will anyone notice you? Do you know how many brilliant and amazing women and men there are changing peoples lives every single day? It's no secret, and I say it often, I really tire of women only communities. Don't get me wrong, they definitely have their place and I enjoy them at times - but the segregation doesn't sit well with me. Not when we all have the same vision of making this world a better place, learning to live via experience, feeling & creativity, while helping others to do the same.

Since becoming a 'digital nomad' living in a wanderlust community where it's completely normal to be sitting around a coffee table with multiple nationalities, all creating business from coaching, non-for-profit, technology advancement, trading, property development or creative products... I'm forever in awe with what people are achieving and how many stories are running under the surface of a very busy online 'scene'.

That's when it hit me... I want to expose the underdogs, the amazing beings who have brilliant minds and the world needs. Let their voice be heard and hear their teachings. Everyone can learn from everyone - there is not one person who has all the answers.

So if you have someone up on a pedestal I urge you to bring them down a notch or two, and if you feel like you are a couple of notches down I urge you to step up. We are all human beings here doing the best we can with what we know... and this is what The Soul Lounge for Entrepreneurs is all about.

If you have stepped into the Entrepreneurial space and are ready to be seen and heard I want to hear from you - perhaps you can be my next special guest? Do you have a Entrepreneurial story to share (I particularly love these), do you help people in the realms of personal development and spirituality, or do you get a kick out of helping others with business strategy?

Even better... do you know someone who deserves to be seen and heard. Tag them, share this blog with them, it may just be the leg up and exposure they need. The Soul Lounge for Entrepreneurs is a community of men and women dedicated to bettering themselves to better serve the world and learning from each other. Big love,

Melanie xo

An avid lover of fresh coconuts, you will often find Melanie in Bali, Indonesia.

Melanie mentors and runs Entrepreneur Artistry Program Ignition, for upcoming entrepreneurs to step into their power as Change Makers & Thought Leaders. She is also the founder of The Soul Lounge for Entrepreneurs community. Her creativity will blow your mind, as she will help to propel your vision into reality and stand out from the crowd in the online space.

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