• Melanie Midegs

Bali Tips for Entrepreneurs - CoWorking, Retreats & Ubud v's Canggu

Did you know that when I was about 6 years old, living in Canberra Australia, I toddled off to school one day where we were given the creative task of designing our very own placemats to take home (very exciting!). On one side I drew my family... and on the other I drew this little island, with a coconut tree and an 'islander man' in a grass skirt. I wish I still had it - but it looked something like this:

So even as a wee girl who had never even experienced a tropical island, and who was growing up in the inland depths of a man made political city (could you get any different!), the intention was set. So far I have visited Fiji, Tenerife, Rarotonga, Atiu, Aitutaki, Lombok and Bali.

The most basic airport I've ever been to in Atiu - this was it!

The thing is, when you hang out on a tropical island for long enough, and with this amazing technology called the internet... I am asked questions all the time about Bali from all walks of life - mostly from Facebook but even from places like Tinder! ...where to sleep? where to go? where to hold my retreat? In fact if I had $1 for every time, I'm pretty sure I'd be well on my way to owning my own tropical island.

So basically, to make my life easier (yes this is a self indulgent blog) here are my personal recommendations... but please note, I take no responsibility for your Bali experience. This island is pretty special and will dish out all sorts of obstacles for you if you need to learn something (just sayin'...).


Hubud in Ubud. My first main hang out that I used to visit a lot. Hubud has truly expanded since I first walked in their doors. I'm not there so frequently these days, but I do still duck in from time to time - and their social events are pretty awesome. I have made some very cool friendships and working relationships from this amazing bamboo office... totally has my thumbs up.

Dojo Bali in Canggu. Now here is a place that is starting to capture my attention (and probably because I'm keen to make a sea change to Canggu). A Co-working space with pool and 5mins from the beach... not bad! Dojo used to be another co-working space a couple of years ago and the referb they have made is outstanding - loving it.

Outpost in Ubud. On the days I know I need peace, quiet and a studious atmosphere to get a pile of to-do's done... I head here. Downstairs is a huge air-conditioned room that feels like a library. No talking allowed (!... but sometimes you need that), spacious desks and plenty of light. Great coffee too and they can organise food delivery.

Cafe's with Wifi

You pretty much can get wifi at every cafe in Bali... in fact I think it's more readily available than in countries like Australia! Perfect for wanderlust entrepreneurs who are tripping around while bring their online creations to life. I've also met new friends, had unexpected deep conversations with strangers and even learnt a thing of two from hanging out in coffee shops.