• Melanie Midegs

Sex Sells: How To Do It With Your Clothes On

Is it getting hot in here?! Did anyone else see that Peruvian man in New York and his fruit bowl... or was it a chia seed smoothy recipe??... What ever, I don't recall exactly. In fact, I didn't understand a word that he said - except I do know that he runs a restaurant down-town in New York and when I arrive, I'm going!

Background Story: Franco Noriega created a simple cooking video using chia seeds with other very basic ingredients and it went super viral (now over 8.4Million views). The result: he's now been asked to be a special guest by multiple people, including the infamous Ellen Show, where guess what... he get's to plug his own restaurant.

Genius? I think so.

Confession: I did watch Franco's video... a few times... research purposes. I swear.

But you're a Coach or Healer right...

& you want to keep it clean.

Franco's video is classic example of how sex can really sell, especially when it's done in a clever and sophisticated way. However, for you as a service based business, I'm willing to bet that you aren't really keen to create videos half naked and in your nickers.

So here is THE #1 way to make your

business branding & marketing sexy.

Make it FEEL GOOD!

The reason why sex sells is because, sex feels amazingly yummy and stimulating in so many ways and who doesn't want to feel that?! The mastery of marketing is being able to make people feel emotion - that is what will capture people's attention, keep them coming back for more and ultimately seeking you out when they are ready to buy (and in some cases have them buying when they didn't even know they wanted it in the first place). It's actually got nothing to do with sex, and everything to do with how your branding & marketing makes someone feel.

1) Starting Point: When you look at your branding and your social media marketing... how does it make YOU feel?

If you look at your branding, and it looks nice, but it doesn't emulate some kind of warm and fuzzy feeling inside for you... then it's still a work in progress. Where you want your brand to get to, is a place of when you look at it you are madly in love with your creation so much that, it IS an extension of you, rather than a separate entity. I alway ask my clients who struggle with this: picture the room you would love to invite your clients in to. What does it look like? How is it decorated? How do you want to feel? How do you want them to feel? These questions are a great play ground to begin creating your own personalised and connective branding concept or marketing campaign. 2) Next Bit: How to reconnect with your brand

This is the fun part. I teach the Business Chakra System, and it's your Sacral Chakra that is connected to your branding. Why? Because it's your sacral chakra energy within you that holds your creativity, sensuality and ability to express yourself freely. It's where we feel. This energy centre is located around your hip area and includes your reproductive organs. Feeling tight, wound up and not able to tap into that creative essence of yours?

Then loosen up!

Move your hips, listen to music that makes you feel good, allow yourself to dip into a space of feeling deep and pure pleasure. The ideas may not come straight away, but I can promise you, that if you allow yourself to hang out in this feeling for a while... consistently, you'll begin to receive messages and insights of how you want your business branding & marketing to look and feel.

Some meditate on it. I say feel it.

3) Then what?: Create brand clarity for yourself

A process that I do, and that I take my own clients through, is to have them collect images they love. It's the imagery that is a HUGE tantalizer for emotional connection. Remember Franco's video, he wasn't even speaking english! It was the visual of the video, both of him (eh-herm) - but also the food, that emulates that yummy feeling.

What imagery & colours turn you on? What evokes excitement in you?

Yes, you can get technical & psychological with branding in terms of colour wheels etc. However, I believe your love for your branding, especially in the first instance, will go so much further than scientific explanations about colour - because there is no separation between you and your business. When you love something (anything!), the energy of that will be super high, and it will attract others who love it too.

Your Vibe

Attracts Your Tribe.