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Eeik Moment: Was I Bastardising Spirituality Via My Business?

I'll never forget a date I went on a few months back now. I had decided that it was time to ignite some lurve back into my life after a long time of dedicating my time and energy solely (soul-ly hehe..) to my business.

One morning I got a match on my dating app. We had a quick text chat, he seemed nice enough, tall (important), and easy as pie we set a lunch date. Lovely! In my mind I thought... hmm, this is a great start.

He turns up - I actually can't remember

his name... So, for the purposes of this

story let's call him Matthew.

Matthew sat down in the peacock cane chair across from me, and straight away we dove into the quite normal traveller conversation of where are you from, where have you been and where are you going next, set of questions. Matthew was from the States and had been working in Law when he realised he hated the system and decided to sell everything and go travelling to find his true calling. His family didn't really understand what he was doing and he didn't really care. What he was being drawn to was yoga teacher training, learning about himself & spirituality. And even more than that he was looking forward to sharing his new found knowledge with others.

Nice :) Ahh... It felt good to sit across from someone who seemed to align to my way of living and thinking. Then of course he asks: 'So how about you? What are you doing?" "Well... " I say, and continue you tell him the story of how I also became fed up with the corporate world, trained as a Massage Therapist and Psychosomatic Therapist... and this has since evolved into me becoming a Business Mentor and I combine this with personal development. "... I've now created a program called The Business Chakra System."

It's at this moment I feel a pang in my Solar Plexus, as he gives me a really strange look. "Oh... I see. You're making money out of spirituality."

Let me back track a little bit here. Leading up to this point I never really told new people that I met what I did, because I thought they would laugh or not take me seriously. Now I had a person in front of me who I thought would understand what I was doing, questioning my motives?

... Eeeik moment indeed!

Needless to say, that lunch was a pretty quick one. We continued to chat but he was triggering me and I was triggering him in the realms of business and spirituality. I went back to my villa and I started questioning myself.

Was what I'd created valid and in alignment with the energy of spirituality?

Are all the gods, goddesses, deities and spirit beings spinning around in a frenzy as they watch me bastardise their teachings?

Far out... this was a show stopper if I'd ever felt one.

I sat for a long time in the uncomfortable feeling in my Solar Plexus (personal identity aka product & services) being challenged, and my Sacral Chakra (freedom of expression aka branding) being shut down.

Then I decided: Nope. I didn't care.

That guy had absolutely no idea about what I had created and the number of business owners, particularly in his industry, that I had helped for them to find clarity and to identify successful businesses frameworks from these teachings.

It was in this moment, I chose to stand my ground and not let this conversation waiver my belief in how important my work was. In fact, it was people exactly like Matthew that I would love to help the most - for them to see that yes, spirituality needs to be explored and understood for you to connect to your purpose. And that the best way for you to help, heal and teach others is actually when you can fully support yourself with your work... this is what the Business Chakra System teaches!

So, I thank Matthew.

I thank him for briefly coming into my life and questioning my creation, because it has solidified within me that this is part of my true path. It also reflected back to me how much more grounded I had become as business owner over the past four years.

For my first two years in business it felt like a continual scraping of the bottom of the money barrel, and I know that spirit never wants that for anyone. Spirit actually wants you to thrive, to be yourself and be rewarded for your time, energy, & creativity.

I always say there is no separation between you and your business. Own who you are, work on your self-worth and keep your eye out for the right teachers who cross your path in all shapes and forms :-)

Big love,

Melanie xo

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