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Australia's Top Entrepreneurs Are Talking Chakras

Two very well known, successful & extremely profitable Australian Entrepreneurs sit down at a round table to talk about how business owners can avoid making mistakes... and who'd of thought they'd end up talking about Emotional Empowerment & opening your Chakras!

The other night I was catching up on watching some my favourite peeps video's - one being Jack Delosa, a hugely successful Investor (he's hung out with Branson), and is the founder of The Entourage... I love his style and the way he teaches. His audience is a few steps ahead of the game of me right now, but I love thinking ahead and planting the seeds about what I need to learn to up-level my business. Jack D's guest for this particular video was Matt Barrie. Wow! Matt is super cool (& between you and me - I think I have a man-crush). He is an award winning technology entrepreneur, lecturer & CEO of www.freelancer.com. For those who are not aware, Freelancer is a hugely successful international platform for entrepreneurs to post jobs they need to outsource and then freelancers bid for the job.

So how pumped was I to hear Jack D say:

"...The future of education will be more slanted towards a holistic approach that involves the human being as well as the skills."

And then Matt Barrie, replies with:

"Open my Chakras..."

I kid you not, mark my words and hear it for yourself! The whole interview is awesome, but to catch this gem - fast forward to 29:33mins.

I was watching this video quite late from my Villa in Ubud, Bali and I'm sure my neighbours heard me cry out in the still of the night... Hallelujah!

Yep! Finally, what once seemed taboo is now slowly making it's way into mainstream as part of learning, entrepreneurial education and personal development. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

And even more awesome than that... guess who just announced her first tour of Australia to run workshops teaching the Business Chakra System last week? Well, none other than moi!

Creating your online business, I believe, requires a fusion of personal development and business strategy.

If you only focus on the business strategy, you ARE going to hit road blocks.

To create an awesome brand for yourself, you ARE going to have to dig deep and be comfortable & confident with expressing your unique self (Sacral Chakra).

To truly be in alignment and love what you are doing ten times even more than you do today, & to provide you with the motivation & desire to keep at it... ...you ARE going to have to explore & ignite your chakra system.

As I always say:

There is no separation between

you & your business.

Thanks Jack D - this interview has totally made my day... and who know's, perhaps you'll have me sitting at that round table with you one day. I like to plant seeds too! lol.

Big love,

Melanie xo

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