• Melanie Midegs

3 Easy Ways To Increase Your Flow & A Refocus Tool For Your Business

As a Healer, Creative and Spiritual Business woman myself, I know first hand the difficulties that sensitive yet driven coaches & mentors face when trying to create waves with their online business. If you are drawn to, or curious about The Business Chakra system... follow that nudge - as it's not as 'airy-fairy' as one may think.

In fact it's quite grounded.

I've had some very successful business mentors tell me that it's one of the most comprehensive business education programs they have seen. Igniting your Business Chakras will help you to enhance your connection with your work on a much deeper level. There is a time and place to learn strategy & tactics, and there most definitely is a time where you need to put that to the side and understand you.

The 3 Pillars that I work with, together with every Business Chakra Energy is this:

1) Energy

2) Mindset

3) Framework

If you can allow yourself the time to work consistently within these three areas for each of the chakra aspects of yourself & your business... you will experience a flow state.

So let's break it down: 1) Energy

How are you feeling right now? If you were to stop what you are doing, take a deep breath and quiet your mind - what is the emotion you are feeling inside? Now take your mind to your business... how does it make you feel right now? How you feel emotionally about your business most definitely has an impact on your mindset, which in turn has an impact on it's flow and success. Here is a break down of emotions that link to the different chakras to help guide you with what you may need to focus on to help you feel more light and bright about your business: Fear, Anxiety, Overwhelm - Business Base Chakra

Desire, Frustration, Expectation - Business Sacral Chakra

Judgement, Self-Worth, Doubt - Business Solar Plexus

Rejection, Sadness, Vulnerability - Business Heart Chakra

Shame, Confusion, Anxiety - Business Throat Chakra

Remembering that it's not what is happening outside of you that is making you feel a certain way, it's what's happening within you.

2) Mindset

Within the Business Chakras, mindset is all about perception. What you perceive will be. It is not always possible to have your mindset coach on-call to take you through a process or session.

It's so important to train yourself be able to look at situations from a different point of view, because this tool will totally come in handy plenty of times as your business begins to expand: Lack Of Cashflow - Business Base Chakra

Seeing Others Succeed - Business Sacral Chakra

Pricing Your Services - Business Solar Plexus (*I'm running free training on this!)

Unhappy Clients - Business Heart Chakra

No One Is Signing Up - Business Throat Chakra

Who Am I To Be A Leader? - Business Brow Chakra

What If This Big Vision Doesn't Work? - Business Crown Chakra

All of these doubts and fears are our own perception. Learning to enable yourself to turn them on their head will be one of your most prized gifts as an entrepreneur.

3) Framework

Now here is the part that, for some of you, will put your logical and strategic mind at ease. Yes there absolutely is structure for you to implement in your business... even as an energetic representation of yourself!