• Melanie Midegs

Part 2: Behind The Scenes of a Workshop Tour

You know that feeling when your idea looks amazing on paper? You're super pumped because you have your plan of exactly what you need to do for it all to happen... BUT! Then out of left-field appears a problem you forgot to consider...

Lesson #2 ~ Learning the art of being agile

If there is one Entrepreneurial muscle to strengthen, consider your ability to be agile. What do I mean by that?

Well, picture a cat or dog in your mind and focus on their legs. Did you know that most four legged animals are actually always walking on their toes? and their 'heel' is the first bony bit you see up their leg. This is why cats and dogs are such agile animals, and can quickly and easily change direction when required.

Us humans on the other hand, tend to use our 'heels' for walking and what this means is that our ability to be agile can be stunted on a physical level ~ and this can also translate to how our mind works too.

What do you think of when I say 'heel digger'? I think of someone who digs their heels into the ground and is stubborn! They have an idea of how something must work, so much so that they are not interested in watching what's going on around them. Unfortunately this behaviour is a sure fire way to miss opportunities that make business and life easier.

When it doesn't work out, there will be something that does.

On my Business Chakra Workshop Australia Tour, I thought to include an additional VIP Business Planning day while I was in each city. My idea was to have 4 people attend for the VIP day so we get to the nitty-gritty of defining their visions, reverse engineering how their products & services fit into that vision, and then look at promotion strategies specific to them.

Well, to my delight these VIP tickets were the first to sell - one from each city!

But then it went silent...

I was disappointed that more VIP tickets didn't sell, but when it came time for the session, it became very clear to me that these sessions were much better suited to working one:one than within a group.

And in fact, from this experience this has now become a new offering in my own suite of products and services ~ a 3 day face:face business planning intensive.

It was such a joy to be able to work with these women one:one, particularly the ones that needed help with their initial branding and design set up. They would watch me create banners and social media posts that would normally take them hours in about 20mins. They instantly felt a new energy toward their business and we had the changes implemented as we went.

There is no better feeling for a Business Mentor than to see the look of enthusiasm on a client's face as all of a sudden their confidence and message clarity has reached a new level in such a short amount of time.

There is always a silver lining,

especially when you are agile.

Have your visions and your goals, but be open to how they play out. As disappointments can actually turn into new beginnings, as well as bring you back on track with where you need to be.

Big love,

Melanie xo

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