• Melanie Midegs

Big Leap or Big Mistake? Inside the Mind of an Entrepreneur

Two questions I’m often asked are: “How did you know it was time to sell everything and pack your bags?’ & ‘Would you do it again?’ Sometimes I wonder myself...

Do I really know what I’m doing

or am I simply a neurotic risk taker?

It’s 2014, 24 August and in 36 hours I’m about to jump on a plane to Bali. A crazy SE Asian tropical island that I have never been to, in fact it’s my first ever trip to SE Asia… and my car still hasn’t sold.

That’s the money I was relying on to get me through the first couple of months (slight Eeik!). In amongst the chaos that my life seems to be in that moment, I shut my bedroom door and sit on my bed in silence.

Dripped in fear and panic, I know that I have one of two choices. The first one would be to curl up in the foetal position in the corner of my room, ball my eyes out and call out for my mum.

The second would be look up to the sky and have a conversation with the universe.

I did the second.

I looked up and I said with feeling (trust me there was feeling…), help me please! I really need someone to buy my car before tomorrow to get this next chapter of my life going. Can you please help me find the buyer for my car and get me on that plane to Bali.

…and then I left it.

Afterwards, I didn’t crumble in an emotional wreck. In fact being pushed up against the wall like that, all I could manage to do was surrender and trust. Letting go of any expectation what-so-ever and just trusting that it was all going to work out. It was the first time in my life, that I felt like I had handed the whole kit-and-caboodle over to someone else to take care of… because that load got waaay too heavy for me.

From that moment on, everything I still had to do was done with a calmness that I had not experienced for months.

What else was I going to do?

So I just kept going…

Lunch time the day before I’m due to leave (less than 24 hours before my flight), and my phone rings with a buyer. Easiest sale ever, and she came to pick up the car that evening.

My Dad picks me up the next morning to take me to the airport. I hand my Dad the cash as he drops me off, before he heads to the bank to make the deposit…

Thank. You. Universe.

Phew!... what a way to begin my new endeavour of becoming an Online Entrepreneur.

It was my first lesson of operating in the space of uncertainty… and little did I know that this was now to be the norm. In fact, it’s only in the last 9 months that I’ve realised that this IS the place I need to hang out in… even if it does feel similar to walking the plank over crocodile infested waters some days.

I suppose this is why so many

don’t make it to the other side.

Uncertainty = Growth

Certainty = Safety

Of course there are times in our lives when it’s good to play it safe, however as Entrepreneurs, playing it safe all the time will actually stunt your growth rather than bring great opportunities and success your way.

Now I’m not saying, pack your bags and buy a one way ticket to a foreign country that you’ve never been to before, with only a a few grand in your pocket… by no means do I suggest following my crazy ideas – you’ll know what yours are.

Allow yourself to be still, allow yourself to meditate and you’ll either hear the answers, or feel the nudge (and this will be your Business Brow Chakra talking).

If you are in business for yourself, get used to feeling uncomfortable. To be honest, it’s taken about 2 ½ years for me to feel ok with it. Notice I still said ok… lol! But I do know that I have to hang out here more often than not, if I’m to succeed with my vision.

Good luck and may the universe be with you!

Big love,

Melanie xo

As Entrepreneurs it's important to play in the realms of uncertainty... and even though that may feel scary or unpredictable... there are three areas that when developed properly will provide you with some certainty to make that 'flight or flight' mode of yours feel at ease. . Your first three chakras: . Business Base Chakras : Foundations Business Sacral Chakra: Brand Business Solar Plexus: Product . ... if you have clarity with these three, it will actually help you to start stepping out of your comfort zone and into the realms of uncertainty where true business growth happens.

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