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TEDxUbud 2017: The Disruptor For Mindless Business

Something has been stirring deep inside of me lately. There is this restlessness & frustration with the coaching and online business world. At the moment I feel like it's so noisy and that many are missing the deeper point of what they are creating.

Saying that, even I recently had to take time out to reconnect to why the hell I'm here and what is it that I'm doing... this usually happens for me when business becomes all about the money.

Of course, as Entrepreneurs we need to create a sustainable income for ourselves ~ in fact, that part is SUPER important.


never take your eyes off the bigger picture.

The bigger picture being your true purpose that involves how you will contribute to the development of communities and this planet.

Now, you don't have to be THE ONE to save the world... I don't think anyone can do that. However, every single one of us has the power to impact even one person's life in a positive way.

Which leads me to TEDxUbud 2017

that I attended on Saturday night.

Truth be known... I was blown away. Every single talk I listened to, my eyes welled up with tears at some point ~ not because of a sad story... rather because of the pure ingenious spirit, dedication & achievement of the person speaking in front of me on stage.

Singer & Songwriter Tika shares messages of strength to women of Indonesia and around the globe, through her music.

Kevin has made a biodegradable plastic that disintegrates in warm water that you can actually drink!... that's how safe it is. Profound positive world impact right here.

Trudy is my hero! If you have ever lived on a tropical island where they do mosquito fogging... I'm sure your mind boggled at how ineffective it is and the amount of damage it is doing... Trudy is changing all of this.

They are no different from you or me.

They all had to start somewhere.

They have all faced hurdles, spent hours working away on their cause and defying the nay sayers, that I'm most certain would have crossed their path.

Each one of them so dedicated to their craft, gifts & cause that they won't take no for an answer - and now... they ARE changing & making an impact on the world.

And for me... this level of innovation, intelligence & conscious Entrepreneurship has been so inspiring and shaken things up inside of ME. I've been wondering how to move forward with my ideas and now I know - there is never a right time... only now.

Lana invented a wooden stove to help thousands of Indonesian families to avoid daily smoke inhalation & fatalities from cooking with open fires in their homes... and is investigating what to do to make them think differently & actually use it.

Not only did has his crowd funding campaign raised over $400,000, but his invention is about to be released next month... the first ever hand held camera that can take photos of the stars. AND it tells you what stars you are looking at!

Game Changer.

As a phenomenal Balinese dancer, originally from Japan, Jasmine combines eastern with contemporary dance... AND she also teaches & performs with deaf children. Teaching them to dance through feeling rather than beat.


What is playing out in my head feels really BIG (a bit scary actually - but there is also an inner knowing that it's what I'm here to do... every time I put it to the side, somehow it just keeps coming back!).

And it's not about running a multi-million dollar business

and being featured in Forbes Magazine.

That does not spur motivation in me on any level... in fact that's the exact point that frustrates me about the industry I'm in. First and foremost, for me, it's about the good that I can create in the world. If that organically turns into a multimillion dollar business, then so be it (and can you imagine the impact you really could make with that kind of revenue behind you!) ~ but it's not #1 priority.

Keeping the tradition of Balinese Puppet Mastery alive. Made combines Balinese puppetry with contemporary story telling, using light projection to enhance and entertain his audiences.

If you are into creating innovative education like me... check out the work from Joe Crossley. Making waves in the world by transforming ordinary spaces into a visual delight. Heard of Sydney's Vivid Festival?... he's one of the guys behind it.

So today I celebrate all the true innovators of the world who are not only leading the way to help more Entrepreneurs to think out of the box... but who are literally making history and changing the world in real time by knowing their ideas can become real. You guys are totally rocking my world!

If you're near a TEDx Event, get yourself to it. #TEDxUbud is an annual event, this being it's 6th year. I was extremely impressed and I would go out of my way to attend it again.

Absolutely an awe inspiring experience.

Big love,

Melanie xo

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