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I'm turning 40 this year... my perspective on the 'mid-life crisis'

Are you there yet? Perhaps past it?... or is it coming soon? Hmmm... 40's and the mid-life crisis. Why is this such a pivotal time in most people's lives? Well I have a theory... without even knowing it you are becoming an 'enlightened being' just from experiencing life on this planet. Basically all the lessons you've learned along the way have brought you to this point - and now you're wanting to kick out what no longer serves you, and find a deeper more meaningful connection. Shhhh!.... don't tell everyone, and most importantly DO NOT let the cat out of the bag to your friends. They will NOT understand ;-) Yeah, right... that's not entirely true - because they are probably feeling exactly the same way as you. Us humans have a really good knack of trying to figure things out on our own - which you and me both know, rarely works.

"Who am I?" "Is this what life is all about?" "Am I really happy?" "I thought I'd have things all figured out by now..."

Personally I'm feeling fairly well prepared for turning 40 - although the psychic I spoke to the other week did say there will be a few surprises in store (let's just put out that those will be lovely surprises!).

... as I embark on my 'Naughty 40's' - I do have a bag of tricks up my sleeve.

The reason I feel fairly well prepared is because I incorporate the ancient wisdom of the Chakra system in my life...




Does this mean that I'm flying with unicorns and playing hockey with crystal balls? No!

Learning about your Chakra Energies does not mean that you have to become a hippy or a monk... it just means that you can understand why things are playing out how they are in your world, AND then cultivate your power to change them.








The list goes on. So if you know it's your time to deepen your inner wisdom and actually understand what is going on, check out my new course... it's a Beta Run - so only US$75 to join me for 4 Weeks.

4 Week Chakra Philosophy Online Course

Starts Monday 18 June 2018

Module 1: Chakra Philosophy & Science

Module 2: Deep Dive Into Your 7 Chakra Energies

Module 3: Anatomy & Psychology of the Chakras

Module 4: Using Chakra Wisdom in a Modern World

Truth be known, turning 40 is like turning 30, 50, 60 or 70... these are big personal milestones, so of course it's a time to reflect and ask yourself - what do I really want? Understanding the Philosophy of the Chakras will help you to do this.

Big love,

Melanie xo

Ps. I've only got 20 seats available on the trial run of this course - places are already filling up so jump in quick before we get started on Monday 18 June 2018.

4 Week Online Course: Philosophy of the Chakras - ENROL HERE

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