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Considered the STRONG person to your friends & family?.. read this.

It’s funny how early on in life we try so hard to fit in and be like everyone else... to then later in life do everything possible to just be ourselves.

Sound familiar?

Stepping Into Your Power

Isn't Always Easy

A couple of months ago I went through a really difficult time personally, to the point where I was experiencing a major panic attack which I haven't had for nearly 10 years... and you know what triggered it - my old addiction, which at its core is fuelled by low self-worth {Sacral Chakra}. I started reaching out to friends but not really feeling understood. My issue felt a little swept under the rug by some, which left me feeling a bit bewildered. And another said to me:

"Really? But you seem so confident and comfortable in your own skin Mel."

In the past I've had people describe me as 'melancholy' and 'chilled out'. I've had an ex-long term partner say in the heat of the moment "Gee, you seemed so together, but you're not really." (that one hurt... hence we are no longer together). I most definitely CAN be all of those things... BUT, we are all human... and if you are human, you will have feelings - and sometimes you just won't feel good. And feeling that way will be uncomfortable, perhaps even painful.. and most of all confusing. I don't hold any blame for those I reached out to, because how were they to know the level of discord I was feeling on the inside? Especially when it's not normal behaviour. But at the same token, never assume those around you who 'have it all together' don't have their moments. When I wasn't receiving what I felt I needed, it was then my responsibility to know what I had to do to make things better.

This incident totally took me by surprise, and I was SO happy to know how to handle it:

  • I knew the internal dialog I needed to question myself with

  • I knew how to connect the dots to understand why it was happening

  • I knew the type of help I needed to get me through

  • I knew how to create a plan of how to change things

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I'm happy to say I did break through, and have felt so much more confident within myself than ever before. Saying this, I'm sure at some point down the track those shadow emotions will come up again... remember, we are human - and the hard times usually come when you are about to up-level your life.

The outside world doesn't happen to you... it happens for you.

4 Week Chakra Philosophy Online Course

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It was learning about our energetic Chakra System 6 years ago that turned my life around. In fact I remember the first time I heard the information I was like 'Why is this not taught in schools?! It just makes so much sense...'.

Stepping into your power isn't easy on your own, but with the knowledge of your Chakra System and a great community of like minded people on your side, I'll be excited to hear what happens for you.

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Module 1: Chakra Philosophy & Science

Module 2: Deep Dive Into Your 7 Chakra Energies

Module 3: Anatomy & Psychology of the Chakras

Module 4: Using Chakra Wisdom in a Modern World

Hope you'll join me.

Big love,

Melanie xo

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