• Melanie Midegs

5 Easy Tips for Online Course Creation

Holy moly matcha lattes and peas! You've done it! Finally your online course is ready for your students, and the feeling inside is like a weird business orgasm that’s not talked about nearly enough in tantric circles, yet fuels so much fire to your flame. You think to yourself:

✨💃🏼 I am invincible.

✨💃🏼 I can do anything.

✨💃🏼 I am woman.

... Cut back to a month or so ago and things were most like very different:

✔ You’ve cleared your calendar.

✔ You’ve cleaned your cupboards.

✔ You’ve made a cup of tea.

✔ Yep… the dogs are ok.

✔ You look around… the house is neat, tidy and silent.

There is nothing left to do… damn it. 🙄

You take a deep breath and sit down at your desk. Looking at the screen, you have this dialog that’s swinging from a motivating ‘Yes I can do this...’ to a doubtful ‘I don’t know where to start…’ but you know enough is enough, and it’s time to begin.

Your journey with your Solar Plexus energy IS HERE.

Creating an online course is no mean feat. It will push your buttons and play with your confidence (Solar Plexus energy) like you wouldn’t believe. Before I dive in and give you some hot tips, how about we do a bit of Face Reading first for some personal behaviours to watch out for.

Your nose is related to your Solar Plexus energy:

Tip Pointing Up - Be careful of taking your perfectionist ways too far.

Tip Pointing Straight - Create a plan, other wise you’ll find yourself wafting all over the place.

Tip Pointing Down - Trust your intuition. Learn the strategies but your gut instinct is a strength.

In business I relate your Solar Plexus energy to your products and services. Your products and services are the identity of not only what you do, but what your business stands for. They are what keeps your business alive!… and why you may feel hesitant to get started - it's a big deal and responsibility.

What if you get it wrong?...

Some sage advice: I’ve been running online courses in different ways since 2014.

I’ve felt success.

I’ve felt failure.

And I’ve learned that all of these experiences have been part of the product development process.

There are no hard and fast rules… what’s most important is that you give it a go and be open to learning along the way.

My 5 Easy Tips for Online Course Creation:

#1 Your Intention

Are you creating a course because you want to or because everyone else is doing it? Be honest with yourself here. Course creation is hard work, so you really need to love this way of connecting and teaching your audience. Creating passive income from courses is a slow growth process - be careful of your expectations, and learn about what’s involved. Best way to do this, ask someone you know who’s already doing it.

… For me, nothing beats waking up to signups and receiving income while I sleep!

#2 Have An Audience

It sounds obvious, but it can be something easily forgotten - especially when starting out. Are people asking for a course from you? Do they know what you do and what you teach?

👉🏽 If not, what can you do to change this?

Do you have an email list? (No? go to #5). A newsletter list trumps a following on social media big time, because the people on your list have taken the time to learn from you in the past. They already know, love and have a level of trust in you that you won’t necessarily get from a social media following. These fans of yours are also much easier to communicate with, and they want to hear and learn from you.

#3 Test Your Course

Always do this. The Business Chakra System has taken many different formats over the years, and finally I have the formula that suits both my students and me. Be patient, and in the first instance keep it simple.

My first ever online course 6 years ago wasn’t pre-recorded. It was 8 weeks of 1hr live weekly zoom calls, and I’m so glad I did this to make sure my content and teachings were on point. Imagine creating a whole heap of videos that didn’t hit the mark for your students? Eeik!... The time and energy you will invest in course creation is well worth your research first.

I have taught my content too simple, I have also made it too complex… what you are looking for is something just right. Testing your course and asking for feedback is the only way you’ll be able to find your sweet spot.

#4 Video Scripting & Recording

Be careful of perfection. Especially if you are testing - keep things really simple. My first self-study Level 1 Course literally was me in front of a white wall teaching the content with only sunlight. I had no pro gear - just my Mac and I borrowed a lapel microphone from a friend.

After testing the course - now I’m now upgrading the videos using better lighting and making them more interactive, engaging and reviewing my articulation. Do the best with what resources you have and remember the transformation of your students is the most important thing.

When it comes to scripts, go with what feels easy. If you are feeling like a robot then you are probably sounding like one too ~ try it a different way.

And if you feel like you are rambling and going all over the place ~ best write yourself a script or at the very least dot points to keep you on track.

Short, relaxed and to the point videos work best in online learning. Just be you… and for the record I always make bloopers and follow up with a - I’m human! Your students will be fine, and will appreciate your authenticity.

#5 Have An Opt-In

An Opt-in is a product or service someone receives for free in exchange for their email address. What can work well is a little taster to the course you will be creating - but downloadable PDF’s, audios, webinars or vouchers also work well. Opt-ins are a great way to test what topics your audience would like to learn more about.

Opt-In fatigue is a thing. Been there, done that. Pay attention to what works, and don’t think you have to keep creating new opt-ins every month. Once you find a good one, stick with it. I have lost count of the number of Face Reading webinars and free talks I have run over the years, so I had a mind blowing revelation recently to turn an old webinar into and evergreen free online course (delayed entrepreneur action can happen to the best of us! lol).

I will most definitely upgrade the content of this free course again, as there are parts I know I want to change ~ but I didn’t let that hold me back from getting it out into the world. Go check it out, you’ll see the survey’s I’ve embedded in the user experience… and you’ll get to learn more about yourself in the process ;)

The most important lesson here - I paid attention to what really gets my audience excited and interested in the wisdom I have to offer. Once you know this, use it.

So my budding online entrepreneur… I hope this information has helped you and sending you huge course creation good vibes.

Has my blog post helped you? ... Let me know what online course you are creating!

Comment below, and of course ask if there is something specific you need.