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How listening with your right ear, rather than your left, effects your connection with clients...

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses when communicating is a game changer in business. Knowing if you are naturally an empathetic listener or a logical listener will help you to connect better in any circumstance.

There is no right or wrong to how you listen, there is a place for both... the success comes from your awareness.

That's what's so brilliant about Psychosomatics and body awareness. It can help you to not only work more with your zone of genius and natural skill-set, but it can also shed light on how to handle situations that aren't as comfortable and easy for you.

Jaemin asked a great question:

"... I've recently noticed that when I'm talking with someone one on one, I always tilt my head to the right while I'm listening to them. I wondered if you knew if that revealed anything about my energy or chakras?"

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Tilting your head to the right will amplify listening from the left ear, and tilting your head to the left will amplify listening from you right ear.

Listening With Your Right Ear (Masculine):

When you listen more with your right ear, you are activating your masculine energy. You will be listening through the lense of:

  • Logic

  • Action

  • Structure

  • Sustainability

Listening With your Left Ear (Feminine):

When you listen more with your left ear, you are activating your feminine energy, and listening through the lens of:

  • Emotions

  • Creativity

  • Flexibility

  • Humanity

To use only one lens while listening to others can at times be a disaster.

For example:

A client simply may need to be heard, yet you naturally listen with an objective of action rather than empathy. It may be part of your client's process to have a safe space to air their truth and simply get a lot of what's on their mind off their chest.

Allowing clients to do this is supporting the activation of their THROAT CHAKRA and speaking their truth.

The Throat Chakra is connected not only to the voice, but also the ears, and it's the energetic centre for empowerment via communicating ones truth.

Of course, the trick here is (and this is what makes an excellent leader, mentor or therapist), is knowing when to switch from holding space for empathetic listening and when to communicate that it's time for action.

Every human is a sensitive being, and will have their own nuance of inner equilibrium they are working on.

No matter if you are the mentor or you're the client, you will both have your communication tendencies that initially have been governed from your childhood. You can read more about the Psychosomatics behind the shape of your ears here.

Be kind, be honest and support each other. There is a time and place for empathy and action during all types of situations.

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