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1. the action of working with someone to produce or create something.

I've heard this story way too many times...

From my blog:  Again today I had a conversation with a business owner who invested a lot of money into her Wordpress website being created.


Over time her business has changed, and so have marketing trends. She now needs to make changes to her website but her Website Developer has gone awol, and her other contact isn't interested in doing that type of work anymore.

I could hear the frustration in her voice, as she explained how she kept trying to navigate the complex system set up...

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(my first international website created in German!)


Why Wix Over Wordpress?

Great question and I'm glad you asked...

#1 Because about 90% of my new clients over the years have come to me in a state of frustration & close tears about their Wordpress website.


#2 Because your business will change. Your website is a working document, and within the first 1-3 yeas you must be open and be aware that it's likely that your business model or core message will change. The online world moves fast as will you when you find your groove.


#3 Because when that change happens you don't want to have to wait for your web developer to be ready, or pay more money to make some simple changes (... and that's if you can track them down at all! Oh, and let's not even talk about family members & friends who offer to do it for you. Honestly I've heard too many nightmare stories.) 

Wordpress is awesome... but my true belief is that it's a platform to invest in when your business has made the revenue to enable you to hire someone to take are of it. AND this is usually when you are solid with the sweet-spot between your offerings, your brand and your market.


Wix is super functional, design friendly, easy to use and looks professional. I always go through the back end of Wix to show my clients how it works, AND it is a DIY platform ~ of course with any software there is a learning curve... but it really is quite simple to use.

Website Package Deliverables


1) Complete 7 page DIY Wix Website including design & copy

2) Automated Opt-In set up for list building

3) Deep understanding and clarity around your ideal client & core message

4) Blog post creation & rebrand

5) Mailchimp Set up & Newsletter template

6) Social Media Promotion & Shareable template

"Mel's website in 7 days package is a pioneering, much needed approach to website design. Often there's a disconnect between the designer and client. Not with Mel - she digs deep into who you are and what you offer.


It can be a very personal and emotional process, but it's sooo insightful and ultimately generates clarity and confidence. It's like a personal coaching, business mentorship and website design programme all rolled into one sweet package!"

Lauren Kay O'Sullivan

Lauren Kay Coaching


7 Day Website Creation Process

There are 3 Phases of work that need to happen. The prep work before we meet, and then what we complete when we meet face to face.


None of this will commence until we have a conversation & talked through your vision. It is extremely important to me that I understand where you are at with your business development, and that I can see that you are really ready for this website & branding package.

Plus we need to make sure we are a great fit!

In this package you will be learning about business & how to set yourself up to create a successful & sustainable enterprise ~ as well as me creating your website, an awesome personality brand & clear messaging in just 7 days.

Phase 1

Vision Clarity

Online OR Face:Face

Phase 2


3 Days Face:Face

Phase 3


4 Days Online

Phase 1: Prep work - 4 Hours before we start the 7 Days

(4 x 60min sessions) to support you through the process of becoming super clear with your:

~ Your Vision (& grounding your ideas)

~ Price Point & Packages (reverse engineering to align with vision & expectations)

~ Defining your Ideal Client (including interview process if required)


Phase 2: Website Creation - 3 Days working together face:face

For 3 days we work together side by side for 5 hours per day. While I'm working on your website you will also have tasks to complete. The BONUS for both of us is that this enables us to ask any questions as they come up - this my friend is how a creative collaboration needs to flow.

No distractions, just focus and productivity on you and your business.

Why is working face:face important for this process? Because the conversations we have are priceless, and we could never explore like this online. The opportunity for you to increase your your depth and understanding about business grows tenfold, and the flow of grounding ideas while being productive increases remarkably.


Phase 3: Finishing Up - Remaining 4 Days I finish up the creation process

The remaining four days are for me to finalise your website and other elements of your online automation and brand templates. During this time I may need to to contact you via phone or Skype.

Once all the work is complete we will have a final call (or meeting) to go over all the website deliverables, any technical questions you may have, and to clarify the next best steps for you.

"I hired Melanie to build a website, but she did so much more than that. She helped me tell my story in a very clear & concise way so that my audience would understand it. Then she brought this amazing amount of creativity to how the story could be told.


She is so good at what she does... and that was my favourite part of working with her - she knows how to do it, and she does it really, really well. "

Kristen Firpo

Sound Healer & Wellbeing Consultant


Travel Details (Yes!.. one of us will be travelling )



1. a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.

The one thing that makes this website package unique is that one of us is going to have to travel... either you can come to me in Bali, Indonesia or I can come to you. So far client websites have been created in

~ Australia

~ Bali

~ Singapore

~ South Africa


These days global travel is the norm, and if planned in advance, reasonably priced flights are easily found. Travel and accommodation costs are not included in my website package and are discussed on an individual basis.

Removing yourself from your everyday life provides you with even a better experience, as new environments stimulate the creative process as well as of productivity.



"As soon as we finished the website, I sent the link to my existing community. Two days later two people signed up for my yoga coaching.

What I really loved with Melanie is that she asked the right questions, and she really listened to me so she could understand my message... she presented me in my website for exactly who I am. She was perfect for that.


To the people who are not sure - just trust her. Really trust her... because it worked for me completely. "

Olivia Shanti

Yoga Coach & Siddha Yoga Therapy

7 Day Website & Business Mentor Package US$2,995

(payment plan options available)

Tanja Hummel

Psychotherapy, Yoga, Buddhism & Life Coaching

What was the best thing about working with Melanie?


The best thing about the work with Melanie was the intensive support and my own intensive work on my business. The preliminary talk and the preliminary work were very important for this process. Understanding which customers and which offers I wanted to create in the future brought up my fears. It was good to look at my fears. I realised that I could only start my new business successfully once really looking at this. After this insight, almost everything went by itself.

2) Would you recommend the Website & Brand package to others? Why?

Yes, definitely and absolutely. At first I could not believe that the new website should be ready after 7 days. I was very surprised when the website was really complete in this time. It was a team effort and I was always able to see the latest progress. It made sense to be able to help shape the website with my own suggestions. Melanie was always in contact with me by e-mail or SMS. Nevertheless, the 3 intensive days together with her face to face was the most important part of the whole process. 

3) What would say to someone considering working with Melanie?


Melanie is very committed, conscientious, open, full of ideas and creativity, flexible, 1000% at work and very relaxed. The most important thing for me is that she loves what she does. If you really want to work with someone with perfect quality and intensity on all levels, Melanie will be the absolute right person.



4) Any last words on your experience of working with Melanie?

It was a really magical and transforming process and not just related to my new business. 1000 thanks to Melanie and her patience and absolute professionalism.

7 Day Website & Business Mentor Package US$2,995

(payment plan options available)


ˌtran(t)sfərˈmāSH(ə)n/          1. change in form, appearance, nature, or character