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{Disclaimer: If you already have a website & clear brand, no need to read the below & you can head here instead. BUT if you are struggling - then this one is for you.}

My Client Website & Branding Portfolio

Mostly completed with 'Wix Platform' with Opt-In in just 7 Days
(... & yes, you did read that right.) 

Click on websites below to check them out:

Education Platform

Faster EFT & Mindset

Yoga & Life Coaching

Sound Healing

Buddhism & Life Coach
(my first international website created in German!)

Life Coach

Why do I use Wix instead of Wordpress?

Great question and I'm glad you asked...

#1 Because about 90% of my new clients over the years have come to me in a state of frustration & close tears about their Wordpress website.


#2 Because your business will change. Your website is a working document, and within the first 1-3 yeas you must be open and be aware that it's likely that your business model or core message will change. The online world moves fast as will you when you find your groove.


#3 Because when that change happens you don't want to have to wait for your web developer to be ready, or pay more money to make some simple changes (... and that's if you can track them down at all! Oh, and let's not even talk about family members & friends who offer to do it for you. Honestly I've heard too many nightmare stories.) 

I am a proud affiliate of WIX & highly recommend.

Click the link below to get started with WIX

Wordpress is awesome... but my true belief is that it's a platform to invest in when your business has made the revenue to enable you to hire someone to take are of it. AND this is usually when you are solid with the sweet-spot between your offerings, your brand and your market.


Wix is super functional, design friendly, easy to use and looks professional. I always go through the back end of Wix to show my clients how it works, AND it is a DIY platform ~ of course with any software there is a learning curve... but it really is quite simple to use.

"I had a website review with Melanie. The ‘aha’ moment for me was to change the homepage and focus on shining my beautiful products and also myself. It was also confirmation to get rid of information that was not relevant to what I was offering at this current time.


The session gave me clarity and has helped me so much as to where I should now focus energies regarding my website.


Melanie has great energy and will point you in the right direction regarding your website. I highly recommend a session with here"

Karen Humphries

Women's Empowerment Mentor 

Words from Kristen Firpo, Sound Healer,

about the 7 Day Website & Brand process.

The top 4 reasons why clients work with me

(& why I love helping them...)

#1 Feel stuck & confused with what to focus on first

#2 Cash-flow issues & lack of consistent income

#3 Low confidence & find it difficult to be seen online

#4 Want to know how to attract new clients

DIY Website
Design Toolkit

USD $19.99

7 Day Website & Brand Package

(details below)

USD $3497*

Next Available

July 2018...

Website Vision & Clarity Program

(Phase 1 - see description below)

USD $815

Olivia attracted new clients within 2 days of launching her new website.

7 Day Website & Brand Package

USD $3497*

Package Value Breakdown

Phase 1

Vision & Planning

 Price Points

Ideal Customer

3 Hours Preparation

via Skype

3 @ $270 = $810

Phase 2

3 Days

Working Together


5 hours per day business mentoring & commencement of website design

15 @ $270 = $4050


4 Days

Completing Work


5 hours per day business completing website, opt-in, newsletter, social media templates & final strategy session

20 @ $270 = $5400

Total Value: USD$10,260

for you $3497

There are 2 Phases of work that need to happen. The prep work before we meet, and then what we complete when we meet face to face.


None of this will commence until we have a conversation & talked through your vision. It is extremely important to me that I understand where you are at with your business development, and that I can see that you are really ready for this website & branding package.

Plus we need to make sure we are a great fit!

In this package you will be learning about business & how to set yourself up to create a successful & sustainable enterprise ~ as well as me creating your website, an awesome personality brand & clear messaging in just 7 days.

Step 1 (Prep): Vision & Business Planning

4 Hour Business Mentoring via Skype (4 x 60min sessions) to support you through the process of becoming super clear with your:

~ Your Vision (& grounding it)

~ Price Point & Packages (reverse engineering to align with your vision)

~ Defining your Ideal Client (including interview process if required)

~ Drafting initial copy for your website if time available

Then you fly to me, or I fly to you!

(Yep... this package I will only complete by sitting by your side for 3 days. This is non-negotiable... and you can read why further down the page. )

Step 2 (face to face) :
7 Day Website Development & Mentoring Intensive

The first 3 days of this step we are sitting side by side for 5 hours per day. Location is up to you ~ I can meet you in your city, or you can come to me. Most of the time you will find me in Bali, Indonesia, so a great opportunity to get out of your usual environment to create. However, I also love to travel! So if a tropical island isn't your thing (and I know it's not for everyone), I'm more than happy to come to you.

Why is working face:face important? Because the conversations we have, your understanding & learning about business, and the flow of completing work accomplishing goals quickly and easily increases remarkably.

Our goals will be clarified prior to getting started ~ & would look something like this:

~  DIY Website (meaning we use a platform that will easily allow you to make changes if you need to)

~  Branding clarity: fonts & colours

~  Create sign-up & newsletter template in Mailchimp

~  Create automation deliver of chosen opt-in via Mailchimp

~  Branded social media shareables and banner templates in Canva

~  Guidance to create your automatic booking system if required

~  Blog post template, structure & creation

~  If time allows, the beginning of a promotional strategy & plan

The remaining four days are for me to finalise your website and other elements of your online presence. During this time I may need to to contact you via phone or Skype.


Once all the work is complete we will have a final call together to go through all the elements, make sure you understand them, and to clarify the next best steps for you.

*Travel & Accommodation is not included in this price of this package ~ these details will need to be discussed on an individual basis, as will dates of availability etc.

If travelling to Bali doesn't float your boat...


Now I know that Bali doesn't appeal to everyone. In fact, it was never on my hot list either, mainly because I felt a little intimidated to go on my own & I wasn't sure how I would react to the SE Asian culture and lifestyle, (...however, clearly that is now not an issue & I'll take good care of you!).

So please do not feel you have to come here. Air travel when booked in advance is very affordable and I'm a wanderlust at heart! I can come to your city... or if you would like to venture out of your environment we can pick a location to meet.


Rosemary and I met & worked in Brisbane, Australia ~ which is not her home town. She even commented that it helped her to focus to be away from home working on her business for the three days.


Since then I have worked with clients in Singapore & South East Asia.

Let's Create A Solid Foundation For Your Business

(Entrepreneur Artistry)

Case Study Example
& Content Creation Outline

Something very exciting happened when I was on my Business Chakra Workshop Tour of Australia in February 2017.

I was working with a client of mine, Rosemary, who is a Wellbeing & Life Coach.

She came along to my Brisbane Business Chakra Workshop, & then we had a 4 hour VIP Business Planning session the following day.

Nearing the end of our private session, something really started to become evident & boiled up in me.

I could see so clearly, the changes & branding possibilities for Rosemary that would help to elevate her online presence & showcase her work...


...but I could also see, that behind Rosemary's excitement for what to do next, there were nerves & anxiousness around being able to pull it all together.


I could tell she was eager to get on with promoting and sharing about her work, but the biggest hurdle of all was knowing how to use technology, create good & professional looking design.

Example FB Group Banner: Before (top) & After (bottom)

My heart started to pang...

...when I knew what would be an 'easy' job for me, would probably take Rosemary much longer to achieve.



When I looked at Rosemary's website, my heart sank, as it did no justice to her work, her life experience, or her wisdom.

I hate to say it, but it may have even deterred her ideal clients from contacting her, because of the branding, formatting & cluttered navigation.


Helping business owners like Rosemary, is the exact reason why I've ended up in the Business Mentoring & Marketing arena for yoga teachers, coaches, healers & spiritual mentors.


Even 5 years ago, when I was creating flyers 'on the side', it would drive me nuts to see promotional material that did no justice to the amazing human being behind it all.

"I love to get my hands dirty..."

These are my actual hands and they were made for creating. I can assist with:

· Website review &/or development

· Facebook banners & social media posts
· Mailchimp set up & strategy

· Webinar technology & preparation
· Review of copy for offers & sales pages
· Design assistance with Canva

Your Marketing Matters

Check out what we completed together in only 7 days:

1) Complete DIY Website

A new and totally working website that is ready to go... AND Rosemary can easily make changes along the way if she needs to. (No super 'tech expert' who runs off to leave you in the dark & unable to make simple and small changes - every DIY Entrepreneurs worst nightmare).


2) Opt-In for List Building

While I was creating Rosemary's Website, we also worked on Rosemary's script & she recorded a 3 part video series opt-in for her 'Cup Of Tea Meditation'.

3) Deep Understanding & Creation of Ideal Customer Avatar

All marketing, content and website creation comes back to who your ideal customer is. Rosemary knew it was important, however it wasn't until I was sitting next to her and asking her questions that she realised how it actually worked and related to her business.


Rosemary said that this was the 'most powerful part' of our time working together for her.

4) Blog Post Creation & Rebrand

Again, while I was working away on Rosemary's website, guess who was busy writing her stories? I asked Rosemary to create a list of pivotal moments in her life that her ideal clients would identify with to focus on. These stories we used to create action orientated & inspiring blog articles... and of course she now has a template to create more.


Content creation must be mindful, authentic & emotionally connect with your audience for it to be powerful ~ both the written blog, but also visually. 

5) MailChimp Set-Up & Newsletter Template

With so much to offer, Rosemary found it hard to know what to talk about in her newsletters. We created a rebranded and simple template that keeps her latest news digestible and and easy read for her followers.

6) Social Media Promotions & Shareable Templates

Consistency with your branding when sharing about your business on social media is so important. How you turn up visually can be the one thing that makes people stop while scrolling through their newsfeed, and even looking forward to what you have to offer them by way of information, value and products/services next. Rosemary now has a suite of templates to use depending on what she wants to communicate to her tribe about.

Before I work with anyone, we have to dig each other!

As I've mentioned above, I won't take on any new clients until I find out about you & know that you are ready for this way of working together.


I need to find out more about your business development ideas to make sure we are the right fit. And guess what?... I want you to ask me questions too!


If you have read this far, it means that you are serious about finding right person to help you to make a real go of your vision.. 

Click here to send me a message or click here to book a 20min Skype call with me today.



Contact me now and I'll send you my 'Business Readiness' Analysis Questions and let's take it from there...