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1. an experienced & trusted advisor

What they say..

Lisa W Rich

Corporate Performance Coach

"I booked the Vision Clarity Program with Melanie to get me back on track with my business. I had been floundering and pulled in way too many directions and not getting the traction I wanted. 

It was so refreshing to sit with someone who 'got it'. Who understood not only what I was trying to achieve with the business but also what I was needing here and now."

7 Day Website & Brand Package



ˈwebsīt         1. a location connected to the Internet that maintains one or more pages on the

                                       World Wide Web.

Yes, you read this correctly. This is my signature VIP offering & absolute favourite way to work with clients ~ it means I get to zone in on my business creativity genius (happy place), and totally immerse myself in your business. 

My approach is very different from any other web designer I know... and the ripple effect is quality long lasting results. When releasing every new client's website to the world they have  attracted within the first 2-3 weeks:

  • New clients to their business

  • New collaboration opportunities

To be honest, this package is so much more than simply a website. You receive thorough Business Foundation Mentoring, automation of your opt-in, Mailchimp set up... and a transformational experience you won't forget.

If you are really ready to step into the power of your work, this will package will most definitely satisfy your requirements.


Business Mentoring


ˌäntrəprəˈnər/         1. a person who organises and manages any enterprise, especially a business,
                                                             usually with considerable initiative and risk

We all need mentors - it's very difficult to grow and expand while doing it all on your own. Nothing fills me up more than when I can see my clients stretching themselves, taking action and reaching their goals. 

My values around mentoring is complete transparency, professionalism & connection. Every mentor will have an expertise and mine is:

  • Growing your online presence with a clear core message;

  • Trialing, testing & creating your services/products;

  • Designing a business model & content structure that works for you; and

  • Keeping your business growth expectations real and grounded.


... before you start investing in paid advertising. Why? because there is so much you can do first to make sure you are onto a good thing ~ and most eager entrepreneurs miss a number of steps that will save them a lot of pain, time & money.

Marketing via story telling and connection run through my core, and some of my mentoring packages include editing of copy & design time.

Business Chakra Online Course


self stud·y

self/ˈstədē/      1. the study of something by oneself, as through books, records, etc., without direct
                                               supervision or attendance in a class.


For those who are bootstrapping as they start their business, or for those who are feeling like they have created a "monster business" (I've been here too). This course will provide you with a thorough review and realignment structure to follow...

... plus provide you with emotional empowerment & mindset support along the way.

In this 8 Week Online Course we cover:

  • Base Charka - Business Foundations

  • Sacral Chakra - Business Branding

  • Solar Plexus - Business Product & Services

  • Heart Chakra - Business Promotion

  • Throat Chakra - Business Communication

  • Brow Chakra - Personal Leadership

  • Crown Chakra - Your Vision

I've created this program with healers, therapists, coaches and spiritual mentors in mind, because I wanted to create a course that spoke your language of energetics and kept business simple.

We also have a private Facebook Group community that I interact with regularly and can provide additional support via answering questions, running free online trainings, running accountability drives and live run's of the course.

No prior knowledge of the Chakra System is required to start working through the modules. Please also note: it was very important to me that this program provides you with very grounded and practical business methodologies for you to follow that your modality training missed.

Remember... there is no separation between you and your business.